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What happened to the Mexican actress from ‘Control Z’? – The financial

The love and concern have mobilized several actors to start a campaign on social networks to help Renata del Castillo in the health complications he goes through due to cancer who was diagnosed last year.

A few days ago, the actress reported through Facebook that she is in “delicate health” and admitted to the hospital. Central Hospital “Dr. “Ignacio Morones Prieto” from San Luis Potosí. In the publication he begged for the collaboration of his followers to gather the necessary blood units: “Today for me, tomorrow for you,” he wrote.

This Saturday, he reiterated the request and said that two donations of platelets are needed “to be out of danger.” The requested blood type is O+.

What does actress Renata del Castillo have?

At the beginning of last year, several colleagues, including Ana Serradilla and Andres Palacios, shared that Renata was diagnosed with “a mass in her lower back that is pressing on her sciatic nerve” and limited her mobility. At that time they requested financial support to raise the 250 thousand pesos necessary for an operation.

Although the surgery was successful, he was later informed that it was cervical cancer that lodged in the sacrum and now presents metastasis. As a result of the diagnosis, the actress has faced several obstacles in her treatment, from the lack of resources and the shortage of medicines even mistreatment by medical personnel.

“My life did not stop, it took a 180 degree turn, with this health condition comes a whole revolution, many tests to find out what type, what treatment,” he said in a recent interview for a local channel in San Luis Potosí.

Renata has shared part of her process on social networks. She also revealed that she spent four months in bed; because during the biopsy she was injured and she lost mobility. However, she regained mobility thanks to the physical therapies she receives at the DIF Rehabilitation and Special Education Center.

“People don’t know how expensive this health condition is,” he said in the same conversation. Thanks to the collection of her colleagues and royalties from the National Association of Interpreters (ANDI), she was able to pay for the initial exams and procedures.

In March, in a publication for her birthday, Del Castillo shared her happiness at being able to share that day with her family, saying that last year she “had been evicted” and recalled that “the present is the most valuable thing.”

Who is Renata del Castillo?

Also known as ‘Reni’, Renata del Castillo Aguilar She introduces herself as an “actress, host and speaker”, she is originally from Mexico City, she is 46 years old and has several appearances on Mexican television.

Del Castillo began studying a degree in acting at the National School of Theater Art, but left to join the Acting and Communication Training Center of Aztec TVwhere he received his first opportunity.

Among its most notable productions are soap operas: Overcome heartbreak, when you are mine and the series: Control Z, As the saying goesAny given day.

Since receiving the diagnosis, she has not been able to work because it is not easy for her to travel to the country’s capital, which has made life difficult for her and her 14-year-old son.

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