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What lung problem keeps the driver in the hospital? – The financial

Daniel Bisognowho in recent years has had some health complications, is in the hospital receiving antibiotic treatment for a problem with their lungsbut what does the driver have?

At the end of May of last year, Bisogno was hospitalized emergency due to complications related to varicose veins in the esophagusan affectation in which some veins in the esophagus widen and cause various health problems.

Nonetheless, after almost a week in the hospitalJune 2, 2023 Daniel Bisogno was discharged and returned to his work in the entertainment industry.

What happened to Daniel Bisogno?

On February 9, during one of the broadcasts of WindowingBisogno’s colleagues revealed that the driver returned to the hospital to undergo periodic checkups related to the varicose veins in the esophagus.

“Our dear Daniel Bisogno He was admitted to the hospital again routine check up”he commented Windowing on their social networks.

However, after that revelation no health status update had been given of the driver, until this February 12.

During the presentation of the musical tour of Yuri and Cristian castroknown as United on the Tour Stage, Pati Chapoy was approached by the journalist Eden Doranteswho recorded the driver’s statements related to Bisogno.

Pati Chapoy revealed that Daniel Bisogno remains in the hospital for the treatment of a lung infection:

Fortunately, it is very well taken care of.is still hospitalized… he is on a series of antibiotics for the lung infection that he has, totally out of danger.”

The driver commented that the antibiotics that Bisogno receives are intravenously, so he cannot perform the treatment from home.

Likewise, Pati Chapoy took advantage of the occasion to ensure that there are no plans to replace Daniel Bisogno in Windowing and denied that the journalist was hospitalized for a liver problem.

Absolutely no one is going to take his place.“We have been very respectful… He does not have a liver problem, he is suffering from a lung infection.”

Pati Chapoy He did not give further details about the situation. Daniel Bisognowho has stayed away from social networks since February 4th.

What symptoms does a lung infection have?

According to the specialized site of Healthline, lung infections occur when a virus, fungus, or bacteria attacks the lungs and causes inflammationthese health problems can be mild or serious and require immediate medical attention.

Although Pati Chapoy did not specify what type of lung infection Bisogno suffers, Healthline points out some of the general symptoms that these effects produce:

  • Cough with thick mucus
  • Chest pain
  • Fever
  • Muscle pains
  • Fatigue

Depending on the type of lung infection, treatments are prescribed. In the case of those that arise from bacteria, the most common is to use antibiotics to avoid future complications.

Healthline ensures that all lung infections can become serious if not treated immediately with a specialist, it is best Go to the doctor when any of these symptoms occur.

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