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what we risk – Libero Quotidiano

Attilio Barbieri

Does the European Parliament not approve the directive intended to limit the use of insecticides and herbicides? Then the EU Commission it will block the recognition of assisted evolution techniques to select crops more resistant to drought and disease. The number (two of the Eurogovernment, the Dutch Frans Timmermans, made the blackmail explicit for the first time in the history of the European Union. «The Green deal is a package», said Ursula von der Leyen’s deputy, and «for all of you in this hall» he thundered addressing the Strasbourg assembly, «there is a choice to make. If you decide to keep the status quo, without the new rules on pesticides, no assisted evolution”.

It had never happened that a member of the EU executive, moreover a vice president of the Commission, was so explicit. But Timmermans is also sadly famous for something else. How can we forget his commitment to insects on the table, artificial meat and even the project to reform geographical indications – I’m talking about PDO and PGI to put the yellow and blue stamps of the protected geographical indication that appear, for example, on the Gragnano pasta and bresaola, even on furniture and appliances. With the result of emptying the entire denomination system.

To say that the Dutch politician is contiguous with the interest groups of economic powers and multinationals is even an understatement given what is happening in the EU institutions. Never before had such explicit blackmail been seen. A real challenge to the European Parliament. “To say that, in the absence of approval of the proposals on the reduction of plant protection products and on the restoration of nature, the Commission will not present the expected proposal on the new genomic techniques of assisted evolution, is to put innovation and resilience at risk, but also the same sustainability of the European agricultural sector», says the managing director of Filiera Italia, Luigi Scordamaglia, «an unprecedented act of arrogance, towards the only European institution whose members are democratically elected. When Timmermans understood that the Twenty-seven would not have accepted cutting crop protection products without an impact study on European production chains it has lost control. On the other hand, accepting a clear reduction in the tools for defense against plant diseases means jeopardizing the security of food supply in Europe and increasing imports from third countries that do not comply with our standards in terms of environmental and social sustainability, as well as food safety and animal welfare. Timmermans’ difficulty is clear – concludes Scordamaglia – “in achieving those purely ideological objectives of the Green Deal, especially in view of the forthcoming elections, over which common sense is finally prevailing in the Council and in the EU Parliament, which have moved towards true sustainability and a green transition made with and not against the European agri-food chain”.

The seriousness of the Dutchman’s statements is also demonstrated by the intervention of Calenda, the most pro-European among Italian politicians: «I find it scandalous that the vice-president of the European Commission puts pressure on the deputies, elected by the citizens unlike the commissioners, claiming not to present the proposal on the new genomic techniques if the regulations on the restoration of nature and the reduction of pesticides are not voted. It is a lack of respect for European voters, as well as a foolish choice because», concludes Calenda, «the new genomic techniques that are not gmowould increase agricultural productivity by decreasing the use of fertilizers and pesticides. They have already been regulated in Argentina, Australia, the United Kingdom and many other countries where investments are pouring in. In Europe, however, this proposal has been delayed several times, despite the fact that it is eagerly awaited by the agricultural world. The longer we wait, the more research and investment will move outside the EU».

The background to Timmermans’ incredible exit is the double rejection of the Green deal by the Agriculture Commission and the Fisheries Commission of the EU Parliament, with the decisive votes of the European People’s Party. “Even the EPP, after four years of guilty subjection to the ideological and extremist agenda of the left, realizes that the green policies of this Commission are wrong and ineffective, if not harmful,” sources from the League inform the European Parliament.

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