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“What Zach Wilson Does to a Man”: Garrett Wilson Poses While Dangerously Sitting on the Ledge of a Building & Fans Are Going Berserk

New York Jets wide receiver Garrett Wilson has gained attention for a daring decision, which he generally takes on the field. A viral picture, which was shared by MLFootball on X, shows the star wideout perched at the edge of a ledge on a tall skyscraper in New York, immediately sparking concerns about potential consequences, as there were no safety precautions to be seen. But no one could have imagined that Zach Wilson would be the one to catch a few strays.

In the picture, Garett Wilson can also be seen playfully flipping the middle finger at the camera. His team did end the 2023 season on the back of another forgettable performance, and fans jokingly assert that it’s a season Garrett now wants to forget. A few even connected Garrett Wilson’s bold actions to his teammate Zach Wilson, suggesting that the quarterback had a negative influence on the wide receiver’s success.

Other fans also proposed that Garrett Wilson desired to experience the same emotions as Jets fans throughout the whole season, even if it meant sitting in a precarious position.

Garrett Wilson has proven to be a bright light for the Jets’ offense in his first two seasons. He won the Offensive Rookie of the Year award in 2022 and bagged his second straight 1,000-yard season in 2023. Despite the unsuccessful outcome of the gamble of bringing in Aaron Rodgers, there is still hope that Wilson will excel alongside Rodgers in 2024 as long as the latter stays healthy.

Looking Back at When Zach Wilson and Garrett Wilson Had a Heated Altercation on the Sideline

Fans brought Zach Wilson into the mix for a reason, as he and Garrett Wilson displayed visible frustration during a heated exchange in the 2023-24 regular season. The Jets were about to lose their game against the New England Patriots, and the duo didn’t shy away from making their feelings known. And this took place quite a few times too, leading to all sorts of speculation among fans. Take a look:

In the matchup, Wilson managed to complete just 18 out of 36 passes for 157 yards, eventually falling short. The final scoreboard read 15-10. Moreover, they managed to rush a mere 38 yards throughout the entire game. Subsequently, Garrett voiced his frustration about the team’s difficulties on offense, especially in rushing the ball, stressing the importance of taking advantage of scoring chances.

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