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“Where Bronny Was Born”: Dirk Nowitzki’s Former Teammate Wants LeBron James to Team Up with Son in Cleveland

As the 2024 NBA Draft approaches, LeBron James and his son, Bronny continue to dominate the headlines. Bronny’s draft stocks do not look good after his underwhelming freshman year with the USC Trojans. But his four-time NBA Champion father’s wish to play with him on the same team has hurled the 19-year-old into the epicenter of Draft discussions, especially since this year’s lackluster class of players does not have many big names standing out. However, things could get interesting if the Los Angeles Lakers do not draft Bronny with their first-round pick.

The Lakers are favored by the bookmakers to pick Bronny in the second round with their 55th overall pick. Not many are betting on them taking Bronny with their first-round 17th overall pick. However, former Dallas Mavericks star Chandler Parsons has addressed a unique possibility that could change a lot of equations in the NBA.

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

During a recent episode of the Run It Back podcast, co-host Michelle Beadle suggested a poetic way for LeBron James to end his illustrious career. She floated the possibility of the King going back to his home city of Cleveland to close the curtains on his career, playing along side his son, Bronny.

The script was perfect. But former NBA stars Lou Williams and Chandler Parsons seemed very reluctant to address the dramatic possibility. Parsons eventually gave up for the sake of a good storyline.

“It makes perfect sense. His [Bronny’s] agent’s sitting there, it’s where Bronny was born, it’s where everything started,” Dirk Nowitzki’s former Mavs teammate said. “Not to mention they kinda need a small forward…it makes too much sense for me not to make sense of it. I have to.”

Parsons brought up a few interesting points here. The Cavaliers’ season is pretty much over as they face a 3-1 deficit against the Boston Celtics going back to TD Garden. They would need to think about implementing changes in the squad this offseason, especially if Donovan Mitchell decides to leave for a more competitive team.

As Parsons pointed out, LeBron and Bronny’s arrival in Cleveland will not only be a fairytale ending for the King’s career, but will also save head coach J. B. Bickerstaff’s job. And by now, the people of Cleveland are well aware of how the King’s return can transform the local economy.

The logistics of the move

NBA teams just got a fresh look of Bronny James on Monday at the 2024 Draft Combine. But it’s uncertain how many sides will be willing to draft him, even with the prospect of receiving LeBron James. The 39-year-old’s contract extension with the Lakers ends this summer, following which LeBron is likely to opt out of his player option.

But it’s not a guarantee that he will follow his son to the team that drafts Bronny. Of course, LeBron and Bronny share the same agent in Rich Paul, who’s possibly working on a way to get the father-son duo on the same team. But the move has to make sense for all parties involved.

No team trying to create a Championship roster will draft Bronny, that’s for sure. The incentive has to be the eyeballs of the world and revenue. Currently, the Lakers, a team known to accommodate their ageing superstars, are the overwhelming favorites to draft Bronny. But the NBA world would certainly not be surprised if Cleveland decides to scoop up the USC guard with their first round pick.

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