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Which version of Jean Grey, Cyclops’ child will we get in X-Men ’97?

As Marvel’s X-Men ’97 brings back beloved characters from the original animated series, one question has left fans eagerly speculating: which version of Jean Grey and Cyclops’ child will be featured in the show? The recent revelation of the birth of their son has sparked curiosity among fans, with many wondering about the identity and significance of this character within the X-Men universe, Comicbook reports.

The Name Game: Nathan Summers

One clue to the identity of Jean and Cyclops’ child lies in the name they’ve chosen for him: Nathan. In Marvel Comics, this name is associated with two distinct characters who share a complex origin story: Nathan Summers, also known as Cable, and Nate Grey. While the name doesn’t provide a definitive answer, it does suggest a connection to existing comic book lore rather than introducing a completely new character.

The Mash-Up of Cable and Nate Grey

X-Men ’97 seems to be blending elements of Cable and Nate Grey’s origins to create a unique narrative for Jean and Cyclops’ child. Both Cable and Nate Grey are genetically linked to Jean Grey and Cyclops but have different backstories and powers. Cable, born to Madelyne Pryor, a clone of Jean Grey, while Nate Grey was created by Mister Sinister using their DNA. The show’s depiction of their origin combines aspects of both characters, offering a fresh interpretation of their story.

The Role of Madelyne Pryor

The appearance of a second Jean Grey at the end of X-Men ’97’s second episode hints at the involvement of Madelyne Pryor, a clone of Jean, in the narrative. This suggests that the Jean who gave birth to Nathan is likely Madelyne in disguise. If true, it aligns with the comics’ storyline where Madelyne played a significant role in Nathan’s origin as Cable. However, the show may deviate from the source material by portraying Madelyne intentionally posing as Jean and collaborating with Mister Sinister, adding complexity to her character.

The Legacy of Nathan Summers

Nathan Summers, whether portrayed as Cable or Nate Grey, carries a significant legacy within the X-Men universe. Cable, known for his time-traveling adventures and techno-organic virus, has played a crucial role in various storylines, including combating Apocalypse and interacting with his family in the past. While X-Men ’97 may explore Nathan’s origins differently from the comics, his character is expected to bring new dynamics to the series and contribute to the overarching narrative.


As X-Men ’97 continues to unfold, fans eagerly anticipate the revelation of Jean Grey and Cyclops’ child’s true identity and role within the series. With nods to established comic book lore and creative reinterpretations of classic characters, the show promises to deliver an engaging and captivating storyline that keeps audiences guessing. Whether Nathan Summers emerges as Cable, Nate Grey, or a hybrid of both, his presence is sure to leave a lasting impact on the world of the X-Men.

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