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Why Chase Elliott Remains Sceptical of Netflix’s NASCAR Show

Chase Elliott’s #9 Chevrolet Camaro will sport Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s 2014 National Guard paint scheme at the Darlington Throwback weekend this year. The 2020 Cup Series champion joined Dale Jr. in the latest episode of “Dale Jr. Download” to unveil the same and got to discussing a range of topics on the state of NASCAR. Key among them was his take on the Netflix show “Full Speed”.

The docuseries-style show premiered on January 30 and found great success among motorsports fans worldwide. As it continues airing targeting a younger generation of audience, several voices have come in support of renewing it for a second season. Elliott, however, isn’t all that fond of or focused on being a part of the initiative.

Elliott wasn’t the sole name on the list of icons who did not shoot for the inaugural season. While the popularity of the show could persuade some to give in to the pressure and turn up in front of the camera in a potential second season, Elliott will not be one to do that. He told Dale Jr. that shooting for Full Speed does not in any way help with his performance on the track and that he doesn’t want to focus his efforts on it.

He said, “I just, I really just want to go fast and I want to do my job at a high level, and if I feel like there’s anything that’s going to take away from that I’m probably going to say no to it.” Dale Jr. agreed with the opinion though he might not have been very happy with it considering that he was one of the show’s producers. Elliott is the most popular name in the game and his presence on the screen could do wonders for the show’s viewership.

The other crucial reason that stops Chase Elliott from being a part of Full Speed

Elliott also revealed to Dale Jr. that he had not watched the show yet and that he hoped to do so just to see how accommodating he would be to having a camera crew follow him around all the time. Contrasting takes and controversial words recorded by the Netflix crew have stirred quite some trouble in the European circuits.

Elliott appears to be aware that there’s no guarantee he wouldn’t be involved in such unnecessary chaos if he allowed himself to be recorded. Away from the Hendrick man’s view of things, Full Speed has reflected positively on the sport and resulted in a massive social media popularity elevation for NASCAR and the drivers who were a part of it. Word is yet to arrive if fans will get to see a Season 2 of the show.

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