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Women are injured after falling from the fifth and final car in Mangueira | The Day in the Folia

Woman is left hanging after Mangueira vehicle breaks down during dispersalreproduction

Published 02/13/2024 04:25 | Updated 02/13/2024 04:36

Rio – Two women were injured, in the early hours of Tuesday (13), after falling from the fifth and final Mangueira float during the dispersion of the school after the parade in Marquês de Sapucaí. The vehicle is the same one where the singer Alcione, honored by Verde e Rosa, traveled along the Avenue.

As the school’s components were being removed from the allegory, a part of the structure broke and a victim, still unidentified, fell into the gap inside the car. Another woman also fell and was left hanging from the top of the vehicle.

According to the Municipal Health Department (SMS), both were victims of trauma due to a fall. They were rescued, stabilized and taken to Hospital Municipal Souza Aguiar, in the center of Rio. The secretariat reported that the two patients are clinically stable, lucid and oriented.

The car called “My Palace has a Queen” took Alcione along the entire Avenue. The singer was honored by Mangueira for completing 50 years of career.

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