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“Xi’s visit is historic, China works for peace” – Libero Quotidiano

Moscow, March 19. (Adnkronos) – “Russia welcomes China’s willingness to help resolve the crisis in Ukraine”. Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing to welcome Xi Jinping. violent protests that took place yesterday to challenge the pension reform . “Russia – Putin told the People’s Daily – is grateful to China for a balanced line on the situation in Ukraine, for understanding the background and the real reasons”.

Pyongyang launched a missile on Thursday just hours before a meeting between the president of South Korea and the prime minister of Japan in Tokyo confirming the special nature of relations between our two countries,” Putin says. “Relations between Russia and China are today the cornerstone of global stability and a model of harmonious cooperation,” he underlines. “The Power of Siberia gas pipeline between Russia and China – says Putin – has become the ‘deal of the century’ due to its size”.

During his interview, the Russian president explains that “NATO is trying to expand its activities globally and penetrate the Asia-Pacific region”. NATO, says Putin, “wants to divide Eurasia to contain the Russian Federation and China, but this will not happen”.

For Putin, “the geopolitical system is now undergoing cardinal changes: the architecture of security and international cooperation is being dismantled”. The US policy of double containment of Russia and China, he adds, “is becoming more resolute.”

“Russia is open to a political and diplomatic solution to the Ukrainian crisis. However, in April 2022, peace talks were not stopped by us. The future of the peace process depends solely on readiness for a serious conversation, taking into account of current geopolitical realities,” says the Kremlin leader.

Unfortunately, according to Putin, the ultimatum calls against Russia speak only of isolation from such realities and the disinterest of other parties in finding a way out of the current situation.

“Western illegal unilateral sanctions are unacceptable and must be lifted. The ultimatums addressed to Russia indicate that its opponents are not interested in finding a way out of the situation around Ukraine,” he said.

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