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Andrey projects Brazil x Argentina in the Pre-Olympics: ‘Going in with the same winning mentality’ | Sport

Andrey Santos in training for the Brazilian pre-Olympic teamJoelson Marconne / CBF

Published 02/10/2024 19:03

Venezuela – Captain of the Brazilian under-23 team, midfielder Andrey Santos highlighted that the group needs to enter the field with a winning mentality in the game against Argentina. In case of victory, it is worth mentioning, Brazil guarantees a place in the Paris 2024 Olympics. If you lose, you won’t have any more chances. In the event of a draw, you will need to wait for the match between Paraguay and Venezuela to unfold.

“It’s always a very special game, it’s every child’s dream, but I think we have to go in with the same winning mentality. Let’s rest, prepare and study Argentina. God willing, everything will be fine”, said Andrey, to the CBF website.

Brazil only depends on itself to go to Paris-2024 because Venezuela beat in the last round, in a game valid for the second round of the final quadrangular of the Pre-Olympic. During the interview, Andrey recalled this match.

“We knew the importance of this game. We closed ourselves off and talked and what comforted us most was that we knew it only depended on ourselves. So, this victory was very important for us to continue in the competition”, he concluded.

The game between Brazil and Argentina will take place this Sunday, at 5:30 pm (Brasília time), at the Brígido Iriarte Stadium, in Caracas. The confrontation is valid for the third and final round of the final quadrangular of the Pre-Olympic.


1 – Paraguay (four points)
2 – Brazil (three points)
3 – Argentina (two points)
4 – Venezuela (a dot)

*The first two places guarantee a place at the Paris Olympics.

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