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Cacau Protássio makes his dream come true and parades for the first time as Salgueiro’s muse

Rio – Cacau Protássio was moved when talking about his first time parading as a Salgueiro muse. Wearing a costume that represents all Yanomami women, the actress said she is fulfilling a teenage dream. “I’ve been parading at school since I was 16, but this is the first time I’m coming as a muse. I’m living a dream”, she celebrated in the early hours of this Monday (12).

The actress’s niece, Ana Flávia, is also parading for the first time as the school’s muse. A ‘child’ of the community, the girl makes her aunt’s dream come true.

“I’m very excited, what a special moment. The fact that my niece is parading is also very beautiful for me, she is a child of this community”, added Cacau. Another challenge faced by the actress is crossing Sapucaí in high heels. She lost 27 kg and was therefore able to use the accessory.

In the 2024 carnival, Salgueiro featured the plot “Hutukara”, written by carnival artist Edson Pereira. The school spoke about Yanomami mythology, defending the preservation of indigenous peoples and the Amazon. The group is the third to parade on Carnival Monday.
Cacau lost weight to make his dream come true
At the beginning of this year, Cacau Protásio celebrated, through Instagram, when he managed to dance the samba in high heels. The actress lost 27 kg and, therefore, can use the accessory and follow her dream of being Salgueiro’s muse.
“For many it may seem silly, wearing high heels was no longer possible for me, among other things. I went from 140 kg to 113 kg and there’s still a long way to go. Being living this moment in my life is wonderfully beautiful!”, he wrote. in the caption of the publication.

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