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Carlos Rodon gets brutally honest on rough 2023, mindset to bounce back in 2024

Carlos Rodon’s first year with the New York Yankees after signing a six-year, $162 million contract last offseason did not go to plan, as he struggled with injuries and had a 6.85 ERA in 14 starts after he returned. Now, he has already reported to Tampa, believing he can bounce back in 2024.

“I wouldn’t be here this early or have gotten here this early if I didn’t think so,” Carlos Rodon said, via Randy Miller of NJ.com. “So (I’m) just really committed. After last year, obviously the rough showing … the first year in the Yankees uniform obviously wasn’t my best. I’d like to make it up, that’s for sure.”

Rodon went on to acknowledge that he feels the pressure of playing for the Yankees, and admitted that he knows he has work to do to get in good graces with the fanbase.

“I know I’ve got to be better,” Rodon said, via Miller. “Listen, I’ll be transparent with you. All of us are human. We hear everything. Now whether that eats at you or do you actually listen and dive into it, that’s a person-by-person basis. But you’re eventually going to crack an egg when you hear it a thousand times. … I know I’m being transparent and honest. It is hard, but as a New York Yankee, that is our job to be keep that shell tough. Good thing is at the end of the year I got to move on and forget about baseball and come back refreshed. Let’s start out again.”

As far as adjustments, Rodon plans to keep the same pitch mix heading into 2024 with the Yankees, which consists of mainly fastballs and sliders.

“I’m just gonna be a two-pitch pitcher. Write that down. Write it down,” Rodon said, via Miller. “Just say I’m gonna be a two-pitch pitcher.”

Rodon is sticking with what he did when he succeeded in 2021 and 2022. The Yankees hope he can have a healthy spring and live up to the contract in 2024 after a disappointing first season in the Bronx.

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