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César Maia was important for the parade | Report of the Day

Published 02/11/2024 05:00

Mayor of Rio de Janeiro for three terms and currently a councilor, César Maia is one of the authorities who most dealt with the improvisations and surprises involved in organizing Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. According to his statement to the column, “the most important fact of this phase of the Samba Schools Parade in Sapucaí was the construction of Cidade do Samba. It generated a change in the parade of the wings. The enormous growth of the floats transformed them into real wings, both in height and width, occupying the entire Avenue. Another wise decision was to hand over Carnival to those who produced it: the samba schools, represented by the League”. Is today? “As a councilor, I highlight the definitive change in lighting on the Avenue, which took place in 2022, carried out by my daughter, Daniela Maia, when she was in charge of Riotur. Previously completely white and stoned, today it has become almost a requirement allowing schools to carry out a scenic lighting, with infinite possibilities of colors and effects”, he says.

Foreigners in Rio and Argentines lead

Almost 1.2 million foreign tourists visited Rio in 2023.Reginaldo Pimenta / Agência O Dia

The state of Rio de Janeiro received almost 1.2 million international tourists in 2023. Ranking of the main tourist sending countries is led by Argentina, with 30% of arrivals (397,763). In second, Chile (215,409), and the USA (142,600) in third. “We returned Rio de Janeiro to the shelf of the world’s main tourist destinations. The number we reached, of almost 1.2 million foreigners, shows that we are on the right path of promoting Rio de Janeiro in the international market and also in resuming the Galeão. The prospect of 14 million passengers in 2024 at the international airport gives us hope that we will have an even better year than 2023”, said the Secretary of State for Tourism, Gustavo Tutuca.

Rights of chronic disease patients

On the return of legislative work, Alerj opened 2024 with a proposal from deputy Munir Neto (PSD), which creates the Statute of Persons with Complex and Rare Chronic Diseases in the State of Rio. Here, there are 1 million patients and the project guarantees treatment adequate and exercise of fundamental rights and freedoms.

Commercial Association and Crea form partnership

The Commercial Association wants the collaboration of CREA-RJ engineers at the Urban Planning and Housing Council to design urban revitalization projects for the city. One of the partnerships will be in the monitoring that ACRJ wants to carry out of the sanitation regulatory framework, which foresees the implementation of the service throughout the country by 2033.


Miguel Pereira leads the ranking of the most popular cities as a destination for partygoers, with hotel occupancy of more than 93.5%, surpassing even the capital of Rio de Janeiro, with an average of 80.18%, according to ABIH-RJ (Hotel Association of the State of Rio de Janeiro) and HotéisRIO.

Photography competition in honor of 40 years of Apoteose, endorsed by UNIRIO, supported by Embratur and the Samba Global project, will choose the 80 most creative images from amateur and professional photographers of unique moments experienced on the Passarela do Samba. Registration closes until March 31st.

The 14th edition of ArtRio is open for registration for galleries that want to participate in the fair that will be held between the 25th and 29th of September, at Marina da Glória.

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