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Delivery man attacked by former athlete is featured in Tuiuti car | The Day in the Folia

Max plays João Cândido, the ‘Black Admiral’Thalita Queiroz / Agência O Dia

Published 02/13/2024 03:31 | Updated 02/13/2024 03:31

Rio – Delivery man Max Ângelo dos Santos, who was attacked and insulted by former volleyball player Sandra Mathias Corrêa de Sá in April last year, parades through Paraíso do Tuiuti in the early hours of this Tuesday (13).

Setting foot in Sapucaí for the first time, Max represents João Cândido in the school’s third allegory, which takes the plot “Glory to the Black Admiral” to the Sambadrome. Excited and quite nervous, the delivery man is responsible for being the highlight of the third car, entitled “The sea dragon reappeared in the figure of a brave sailor”.

According to him, the feeling that night is one of happiness at being able to pass on such an important tribute that is intertwined in his own history. “Today I have a feeling of justice and also a lot of joy to be living this, representing a national hero,” he said.

The samba pays homage to João Cândido, who was committed to fighting mistreatment, poor nutrition and the beatings suffered by black men in the Brazilian Navy.

Remember the case

The attacks against Max took place on April 9, 2023 in São Conrado and were recorded by witnesses. In the images, it is possible to see former athlete Sandra Mathias pulling and attacking the delivery man. The woman punches Max and grabs him by his clothes. Then he dodges and walks away. Sandra then says: “You (sic) aren’t going away, motherfucker…”.

The crime happened after Sandra was outraged by the presence of delivery men sitting outside a store, on Estrada da Gávea, close to number 847. According to Max, the woman was walking her dog and, when she came across the group, she spat on the ground, in front of the victim, and continued walking with the animal. Upon returning, a delivery woman questioned the reason for the former player’s anger, who changed and began to offend and attack the workers.

“On Sunday, we were sitting as usual, as we do every single day, waiting for the delivery and she passed by, walking the dog. When she arrived in front of us, she looked at me with a disgusted face and spat on the ground and followed the path. When she returned, minutes later, the girl asked her why she was so angry with us and then the changes began, the verbal attacks, followed by physical attacks”, reported Max at the time.

“(He) called me a criminal, a black man, he said that I had to go back to the favela, that I don’t have to be in São Conrado, that she pays IPTU and many other things, he told me to take drugs everywhere”, completed.

Sandra attacked him with punches and a dog collar. She was indicted by the 15th DP (Gávea) for the crimes of bodily harm, injury and stalking.

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