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‘El Ruso’ hitmen ambush the National Guard, Army and Prosecutor’s Office; There are two dead and one injured – El Financiero

Forty-eight hours after federal and state forces They arrested the criminal leader Óscar Pérez Pérez, alias ‘El Ruso’hitmen New Jaguar People They ambushed members of a security cell, leaving as a result two civilians dead and an injured officer.

The events were recorded in a dirt gap that is located between the communities of The Northern and Chuhichupain the municipality of Madera, where ‘El Ruso’ had its operations center, when Army personnel, National GuardProsecutor’s Office and State Public Security carried out patrols in the area were ambushed.

After responding to the attack, the security elements opened fire and managed to kill two individuals from the Óscar Pérez criminal cell, managing to destroy a camp where weapons, ammunition and other equipment from the Gente Nueva del Jaguar group, which is a faction of Sinaloa Cartel.

The Secretary of State Public Security, Gilberto Loya Chavezreported that the two people who were killed during the attack have not yet been identified.

After the scuffle, two long weapons, dozens of useful cartridges of various calibers, and tactical equipment were seized and six parapets were destroyed.

This attack is related to the arrest of ‘The Russian’ a matter of days ago, said the state official, who pointed out that they will remain in the area where he operated to arrest the members of his Gente Nueva del Jaguar group.

Meanwhile, Óscar Pérez Pérez is now available to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) for the possession of firearms for the exclusive use of the Mexican Army.

For its part, the State Attorney General’s Office will request that ordinary court proceedings be opened as homicide and forced disappearance.

In the region of El Largo Maderal, municipality of Madera, Chihuahua, operations are carried out by ministerial agents of the State Attorney General’s Office with the Mixed Base of Operationin full coordination with personnel from the Secretary of National DefenseState Public Security and the National Guard.

After the confrontation, forensic examinations, processing of the scene, and the removal of the bodies of the killed armed civilians were carried out.

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