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Jojo Todynho threatens to sue colleague: ‘A finger in the face is not a slap’ | Daniel Nascimento

Jojo Todynho once again opened up about the fight with his college friend, student Gabriela Nascimento. After the alleged victim made a statement about the matter, stating that she was slapped by the singer, the funk singer spoke again. Through an audio, the celebrity reiterated her innocence and threatened to sue the graduate for slander and defamation.

Regarding the alleged attack on Gabriela Nascimento, his classmate at college, Jojo Todynho stated that he did not attack her. In a conversation with columnist Leo Dias, the funk singer also stated that, if the student’s accusation is not proven, the singer will take legal action for slander and defamation.

The celebrity emphasized that, if she had in fact attacked Gabriela, she would have filed a police report. “Whoever gets a slap in the face, where does she go? Directly to the police station and looks for the college management. She didn’t look for the college management, much less went to the police station to file a police report”, stated the singer.

According to the influencer, Jojo would have no reason to deny the attack if she had actually committed it. “I didn’t slap her in the face, everyone was there, I didn’t, and if I had, I would have just slapped her in the face”, said the law student at Estácio de Sá College.

Regarding the incident, Jojo admitted to putting his finger in his colleague’s face. “I have no problem admitting it, but I didn’t give it (a slap), (…) Now she’s going to have to prove it, because slander and defamation is a crime, you have to prove it”, he guaranteed. “Putting a finger in the face is not a slap in the face, a slap in the face is a slap in the face”, emphasized the singer.

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