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Judge prohibits Luis Rubiales from coming within 200 meters or communicating with Jenni Hermoso – El Financiero

A judge banned the former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubialesapproach the soccer player within a radius of 200 meters Jenni Hermoso or communicate with her during the National Court in the middle of the investigation of the case opened by the non-consensual kiss on the mouth at the celebrations of the Women’s World Cup final.

The precautionary measures they arrive after hearing his declaration as investigated for alleged sexual assault and coercion this September 15, where the request of the Prosecutor’s Office was partially attended to, which requested that it be at least 500 meters.

The magistrate refused to impose on her the obligation to appear in court every fifteen days and have her assets seized preventively, the latter was the proposal of the player’s lawyer. Pachuca Gophers of the MX League.

Five days after resign his positionRubiales stated that the kiss was consented to by both parties and denied that he coerced Hermoso or those around him to publicly justify that episode.

The appearance of Rubiales – who arrived 45 minutes before the appointment accompanied by his lawyer, Olga Tubau, and did not make statements – lasted an hour, in which he answered the questions of the judge and the parties, always maintaining his exculpatory position afterwards. about what Jenni Hermoso will formalize her complaint.

The legal representative of the world champion, Carla Vall, reiterated that, as Hermoso already stated, “it was a non-consensual kiss.” She assured that Hermoso is “affected” by what happened, “by the humiliating act that she suffered in the stadium and that has tarnished a sporting milestone, such a great victory.”

“Everyone saw the images, the whole country saw them. And we can say precisely that thanks to this, thanks also to the social change, to the legal change, in some way we can maintain that there was a complete lack of consent on the part of Mr. Rubiales,” he expressed to the media.

*With information from EFE.

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