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Julian Edelman Bets Against Patrick Mahomes to Bank His Daughter’s College Fund in Super Bowl Wager

The Super Bowl LVIII is set to take place on Feb. 11, with wagers running in full swing on both teams and their performances. Riding the wave, many have immersed themselves in the Chiefs vs 49ers odds, but it’s hard to make a clear call. The same dilemma was faced by NFL veteran Julian Edelman, who eventually arrived at the 49ers after careful consideration.

Julian Edelman had to place a bet at The Wynn in Las Vegas on either of the two contesting parties in Super Bowl LVIII. While Edelman recently said the Chiefs are well on their way to becoming a dynasty, he had a strong argument for taking the 49ers’ side in the betting world.

“I think the Niners are going to win,” remarked Edelman.

He then rushed to the counter, placing a wager on the Niners’ win. However, the bet was supported by an argument to decode his decision.

“He’s [Patrick] screwed me twice,” Edelman clarified by adding, “In the betting world.”

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The Kansas City Chiefs have secured their place in the fourth Super Bowl in the last five years. Patrick Mahomes has already brought two Super Bowls home, one against the San Francisco 49ers. However, the Niners have remained highly favored throughout the season and currently rule the SB betting odds. Whatever the result, the two teams enjoy almost equal footing at this time. Nevertheless, while placing the bet, the former Patriots wide receiver also revealed future plans if he wins the bet.

Julian Edelman Lays Down Plans after Betting in Favor of the Niners

Julian Edelman made a grand bet worth $5000 in the video, favoring the San Francisco 49ers. He also supplemented the wager, intending to set the earnings from the wager aside for his daughter’s college.

“This is the one that brings my daughter to college,” Edelman stated in a playful tone.

While the odds favor the Niners already, it is hard to believe that a mere $5000 bet will suffice. In 2021, the average college tuition fee at a public university in the states was estimated at around $10,388. Maybe there was a higher chance of making that kind of money with a larger bet on the Kansas City Chiefs‘ side. But Edelman’s history in the wagering world stopped him from doing so.

Nonetheless, during the 2023 regular season, Patrick Mahomes made an ending slide at the 2-yard line during the Chiefs’ 23-20 win against the New York Jets. While this was a game-sealing moment for his team, the betting world was left in shambles. The star quarterback’s scramble from the pocket and run toward the end zone for an easy score had bettors wishing for their profits. However, he slid to the ground near the sidelines just inside the down marker ahead of the goal line, affecting millions of bets and NFL fans, which might have included even Julian Edelman.

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It’s hard to blame Edelman, who would like to remain chary of his losses this time. Moreover, the Niners being the No. 1 seed, ruling the odds, and looking for redemption after the SB LIV loss against the Chiefs adds more sense to his bet. Profitable or not, the upcoming showdown has the world anticipating an exciting conclusion to the 104th NFL season.

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