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Laser ‘tarnishing’ AMLO’s speeches – El Financiero

He President Andrés Manuel López Obrador give him Cry of Independence this September 15 and a detail that did not go unnoticed was the laser with which they pointed it at him.

While López Obrador was mentioning his harangues, a laser hit him directly in the face, although this did not faze the president.

On social networks there were users who They mocked and others complained considering it a lack of respect.

Among the comments it was mentioned that these types of objects should also be prohibited when entering the capital’s Zócalo.

However, this is not the first time this incident has occurred, as also in social networks Images were shared of an occasion in which a laser was pointed at former President Felipe Calderón.

This is how AMLO’s Cry of Independence was lived

López Obrador was accompanied on the balcony of the National Palace by his wife, the researcher, writer and journalist, Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller.

The Cry of Independence began after the presentation of Grupo Frontera in the Zócalo from CDMX.

There were 26 harangues that AMLO mentioned, among which he mentioned indigenous peoples and migrants.

Live the independence!

Long live Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla!

Long live Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez!

Long live Ignacio Allende!

Long live Leona Vicario!

Long live José María Morelos y Pavón!

Long live Vicente Guerrero!

Long live the anonymous heroes!

Long live freedom!

Long live equality!

Long live justice!

Long live democracy!

Long live our sovereignty!

Long live universal brotherhood!

Mexicans! Mexicans!

Let corruption die!

Let greed die!

Let racism die!

Let discrimination die!

Long live love!

Long live our migrant brothers!

Long live the indigenous peoples!

Long live the cultural greatness of Mexico!

Long live Mexico!

Long live Mexico!

Long live Mexico!

After giving the Cry of Independence, AMLO waved the flag of Mexico and rang the bell. Then the National Anthem was played and the fireworks show began.

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