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Michael Jordan slander has Scottie Pippen ripped on NBA Twitter

Together, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen led the Chicago Bulls to one of the greatest dynasties in the history of the game. However, despite their unbridled chemistry on the basketball court, it’s also no secret that these two weren’t exactly best friends off of it.

Pippen recently came out with another hot take against his former Bulls teammate. When comparing the legacies of MJ and LeBron James, Pippen said that before he arrived in Chicago, Jordan was a “horrible” player. Here is the whole video for context:

To be fair, Pippen was merely pointing out how MJ had a lack of success with the Bulls before their dynasty years, which incidentally, coincided with Pippen’s arrival. However, the fact that he used the word “horrible” to describe Michael Jordan — regardless of what point in his career Pip was referring to — has not been taken well by the fans. Just check out the savage reactions on NBA Twitter:

I guess it’s safe to say that NBA Twitter doesn’t agree with Pippen’s take on his former partner-in-crime. They weren’t kind either as they let Pippen know their true feelings about his recent Michael Jordan slander.

Unsurprisingly, the jokes about Pippen’s ex-wife had to be thrown in the mix, too. For those that require context, MJ’s son, Marcus, is currently in a relationship with Scottie’s ex, Larsa Pippen. Some folks on Twitter seem to believe that some of Scottie Pippen’s animosity stems from this bizarre turn of events. Either way, you can be sure that it’s going to be an awkward situation the next time Pippen and MJ cross paths.

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