Rome, November 25th (Labitalia) – “We promoted the first edition of the Made in Inail research forum with the aim of showing the numerous and precious opportunities that research offers to reconcile science, technology, innovation, prevention, health and safety in places of work”. To say it today the president of Inail Franco Bettoni speaking at the first edition of the Made in Inail research forum. “During these two intense days – he explains – some research projects carried out by INAIL in collaboration with strategic partners, with whom we are really proud to maintain solid relationships, will be presented”.

“To maximize results – he underlines – we are deeply convinced that it is necessary to interact with valid realities of the scientific community, through a network system that optimizes investments in terms of human, instrumental and financial resources and thus achieve integration between different skills” .

“In recent years – he recalls – INAIL has recorded a significant expansion of its competences, establishing itself as an institution capable, on the one hand, of keeping firmly the original roots of a social insurance institution and, on the other, of progressively configuring itself as the guarantor of the integrated global protection of male and female workers”. “The traditional insurance function – he underlines – has in fact been strengthened by numerous activities in the field of research, prevention, rehabilitation and family, social and occupational reintegration of people with disabilities” .

“To aspire – says President Bettoni – to a technological progress that is not merely efficient, a parallel evolution of values ​​and responsibilities is indispensable, an effort of civilization and respect for human dignity”.

“In the world of work – he comments – technological progress can generate threats to the health and safety of workers, due to exposure to emerging and unknown risks, but at the same time it can provide effective responses to the increased expectations of protection and protection, in a rapidly changing scenario that always presents new forms of aggression to health, as the pandemic has demonstrated. Inail’s action has never neglected this aspect, since its origins”.

The Inail president recalls that “Johannes Schmidl, who was the first to direct the Inail prosthesis center in Vigorso di Budrio in 1961, stated that ‘the result of research is nothing if the researchers address the problems only from the point of view of the construction mechanics and the patient comes last. The most important thing is to understand the patient and learn from practice, not theory. The patient thus becomes the first researcher’. And it is precisely this principle bequeathed by Schmidl that now inspires the institutional mission of INAIL. The person is always at the center of our action, in which technology, innovation and psychosocial support find a perfect balance”.

“Over time – he explains – I have had the opportunity to get to know and appreciate more and more the work carried out by the Institute to make the most of the contribution of research which also represents a decisive lever for implementing effective targeted prevention policies for each productive sector ”.

“For a significant reduction in the number of accidents at work and occupational diseases which unfortunately we hear about every day and which we often see repeating themselves with the same dynamics – he reiterates – science, study and experimentation are of vital importance. Technology – remember – robotics, digital innovation, sensors, artificial intelligence can really make work safer. Furthermore, it is essential to aim for a direct and early involvement of health and safety research right from the planning stage, consolidating the so-called ‘prevention through design’ methodology”.

“I want to underline – he adds – the value of initiatives such as the Research Forum to enhance the ‘third mission’ for the transfer to the scientific and productive world of the results achieved so that more and more people can enjoy the benefits”.

“Moreover, Inail’s will lies within this sphere – he states – to consolidate the relationship between Pnrr and occupational safety, through the implementation of joint initiatives with large Italian companies, the main recipients of the resources allocated by the Plan, such as for example Ferrovie dello Stato, Aeroporti di Roma, Autostrade per l’Italia, Enel and Eni which hosts us in this suggestive location”.

“Investments in innovation and safety – he assures – constitute a decisive element of competitiveness for the productive fabric. From this point of view, the Institute’s commitment continues to refine all the intervention tools aimed at accelerating the ecological and digital transition processes and the growth of the national production system with the aim of reducing the accident and technopathic phenomenon: I quote the calls for collaborative research” (BRIC); the recent call for technological innovation promoted together with Artes 4.0 which will be the subject of discussion in a round table to be held tomorrow afternoon; the contribution to the activities of the Italian competence centers in a logic of public-private partnership, as well as the ISI tenders to reward virtuous companies”. “A better world is possible thanks to technological progress if this is accompanied by an ethics based on a vision of the common good, an ethics of freedom, responsibility and fraternity, capable of promoting the full development of people in relation to others and with creation”. Thus the president of Inail Franco Bettoni concluded his speech by recalling the words of the Holy Father’s speech to the participants in the seminar “the common good in the digital age”, promoted by the pontifical council for culture and the dicastery for the service of human development unabridged (September 27, 2019).

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