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Shocking percentage of Super Bowl viewers who rooted for Chiefs because of Taylor Swift

A flash survey was conducted after Super Bowl to determine the true percentage of viewers who rooted for the Chiefs because of Taylor Swift.

It’s been well documented how much the Chiefs fan base has grown this season thanks to the Swifties effect — the legion of fans Taylor Swift has who rooted for the Chiefs simply because of Taylor Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce. But the Super Bowl is a national event unto itself, so it’s no surprise a data tracking firm decided to precisely measure how many viewers rooted for the Chiefs in the big game simply because of their fondness for Taylor Swift.

The Numerator, which may sound like an educational film shown in middle school math classes starring Arnold Schwarzenegger but is actually a consumer research firm, conducted a flash survey right at the conclusion of Super Bowl 58 that revealed some interested data — 20% of all 2024 Super Bowl viewers surveyed said they were rooting for the Chiefs because it was Taylor Swift’s boyfriend’s team.

That doesn’t mean the polling data was a total love story for Taylor Swift. The survey also revealed that not everyone is a fan of her influence on the NFL, with a sizable portion of respondents calling her a “distraction”. During the survey, consumers were read the statement, “I think Taylor Swift is a distraction for the NFL,” and the breakdown of responses were as follows: 34% of consumers “somewhat” or “completely” agree; 32% neither agree nor disagree; and 34% “somewhat” or “completely” disagree.

In terms of how many Super Bowl viewers overall were supporting one team or the other, the Numerator flash survey further revealed that 48% of viewers surveyed said they were cheering for the Chiefs, while 37% cheered for the 49ers and 13% said they weren’t supporting either team — with the remainder of survey respondents taking a Switzerland approach and insisting on a policy of neutrality (technically their actual response was that they “don’t know” who they support in the game).

So the Taylor Swift Super Bowl effect was palpable, to say the least. Those extra 20% of Chiefs fans may have put Kansas City over the top in such a close, hard-fought game — and the city should really be saving Swifties a good spot up front in the victory parade.

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