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Spencer Dinwiddie Has A Hilarious Championship Bonus In His New Lakers Contract

Spencer Dinwiddie chose to return to his hometown of Los Angeles when he signed with the Lakers on the buyout market. Though the Dallas Mavericks could have offered him more money, Dinwiddie chose to go to the Lakers and ensured his contract had a championship bonus. 

Many players would have championship bonuses in the thousands if not millions, but Dinwiddie’s contract will lead to a $1 bonus if the Lakers win a title this year. 

“The Lakers signed Spencer Dinwiddie to the remaining portion of their non-tax mid-level exception. Here is the breakdown: Base 2023-24- $1,554,654 Incentive $1- If the Lakers win the NBA Championship”

This isn’t the first time Dinwiddie has done this. When the Wizards traded him to the Mavericks in 2022, he ensured that a similar clause was in his contract if the Mavericks ended up winning a title. They did make it to the Western Conference Finals but couldn’t shock the world to win a title that year.

The Lakers aren’t necessarily going to win a title this year either, but Dinwiddie chose to come here instead of returning to the Mavericks. He was seen with Mark Cuban at the Mavs vs. Knicks game immediately after the trade deadline but was also conversing with Rob Pelinka at the Lakers’ first game after the deadline.

Dinwiddie turned down more money from Dallas to complete his dream of playing for the Lakers. After all, he’s an LA boy and the Lakers are arguably the most attractive franchise in the entire NBA. He could have made more money with a bigger contract and no state income tax in Dallas, but playing alongside LeBron James in LA is a dream come true that may not be possible otherwise.

Spencer Dinwiddie Is The Lakers’ Marquee Mid-Season Acquisition

Instead of swinging a trade for Dejounte Murray or Zach LaVine, the Lakers have made Dinwiddie their marquee addition at the deadline. They didn’t have to give up any assets, so it’s as low-risk a move as it gets. Dinwiddie had a horrid season in Brooklyn this year, averaging 12.6 points and 6.0 assists. Many people believed he was actively on strike, which led to him being traded to Toronto and waived by the franchise.

Dinwiddie was hooping in Dallas just a season ago, being their sixth-man in their 2022 WCF run and being one of the key assets that helped the Mavericks land Kyrie Irving last winter. He chose to not return to Dallas probably because of the smaller role he’d have there. Dinwiddie would be relegated to the bench behind Luka Doncic and Kyrie, sharing touches with other microwave scorers like Tim Hardaway Jr.

Dinwiddie will likely be a sixth-man in LA as well, but it’s likelier he earns a starting spot in LA over D’Angelo Russell or Austin Reaves if he is playing well. There are also few off-the-dribble scorers on the roster, ensuring he’d have a more pronounced role.

Hopefully, he can earn probably the hardest dollar he’ll ever get by winning a title with the Lakers. It’ll be a herculean task to do it this season, but that organization will try their best.

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