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Weeks After Kawhi Leonard’s $152 Million Extension, Paul George Delves Into His Own Mentality Regarding The Same

Currently in the third spot in the Western Conference with a 34-16 record, the Los Angeles Clippers are on an absolute roll this season. The team has finally been able to find its stride as they develop into a real powerhouse in the league. With the team’s success, the Clippers’ front office is making sure to retain this core as they go all in, putting all their chips on this roster. And now, with one contract dealt with, Paul George gives insight into his possible contract extension with the team.

The Los Angeles Clippers recently signed Kawhi Leonard to a contract extension with the team. As per CBSSports, Leonard and the Clippers agreed to a three-year $152 million contract extension recently.

Los Angeles recently took down the Detroit Pistons in their last matchup. After the game, reporters spoke to Paul George and asked him for his views on a possible contract extension with the team.

The reporter asked George if the goal for him and the Clippers was to reach a contract extension. They even asked for an update if there was any. George only had one thing to say to both the questions.

“That’s the goal.”


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James Harden was also asked about his views on Kawhi Leonard’s contract extension a few weeks ago. Happy for Leonard, Harden expressed his desire for Paul George to get a contract extension with the team as well.

As for George’s comments, he did not give a long or hard-nosed statement. PG-13 kept it short and simple with his answer. George’s response at least leads many to believe that he wants to stay with the Clippers since he is looking forward to an extension with the team.

Moreover, when the reporter asked for an update, George had the same response. Now this could mean two things. Either George and the Clippers haven’t discussed a contract extension yet or they’re trying to keep it under wraps at the moment. But going by Paul George’s response, he seems happy with the team and is looking forward to being there for quite a bit longer.

PG-13 eager for a contract extension after Kawhi Leonard

Credits: ZUMA WIRE

The Los Angeles Clippers acquired James Harden early this season and many were quick to write the team off. Having a total of four All-Stars in the team’s lineup, many believed that it would create a cluster and also sharing the ball would become an issue.

The team initially lost five games but ever since then, the Clippers have been a team not to be trifled with. The team’s stars managed to put their egos aside and come together as a team in the hopes of winning a championship with the squad. After tonight’s win over the Pistons, the Clippers are now tied with the Oklahoma City Thunder for the second seed in the Western Conference. The Thunder just dropped a game to the Dallas Mavericks in their last matchup. 

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With the way the Los Angeles Clippers have been playing these past few months, it should not come as a surprise if the team not only makes it to the top of the West but also goes on to become the team with the best record in the NBA.

The Clippers will be facing off against the number one seed in the West, the Minnesota Timberwolves in their upcoming matchup. Tune in to see if LAC has what it takes to take down the best team in the Western Conference.

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