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When does Love Is Blind Season 6 drop?

The new season is practically here already.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. So, what does that mean for Love Is Blind Season 6?

Well, good news. The Netflix reality dating experiment that includes Nick and Vanessa Lachey will return on Feb. 14, Netflix confirms.

From this point, new episodes will be available for streaming every Wednesday. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Week 1 (Wednesday, Feb. 14): Episodes 1-6
  • Week 2 (Wednesday, Feb. 21): Episodes 7-9
  • Week 3 (Wednesday, Feb. 28): Episodes 10-11
  • Week 4 (Wednesday, March 6): Episode 12 (finale)

The new group of singles are hellbent on meeting their soulmates that they won’t even see at first — only get to know. As always, suspense awaits as viewers wonder if they’ll make it to the altar.  Like seasons before this newest one, life changes once the couples meet in person. Events, jobs, living conditions, jealousy, and everything in between ensues.

The new singles entering Love Is Blind Season 6 pods

It starts with 30 singles, all ranging from age 25 to 37. All of them are willing to risk everything for a shot of love with a significant other.

Two flight attendants, a salesman with a DJ side job, a financial consultant, a middle school principal, a real estate broker, a makeup artist, and more make up the group. You can check out all the love-hungry contestants on Netflix’s Meet Your New Pod Squad page.

Where is the new season?

This time, it’s all happening in Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s where all the singles are based, so there are no worries about having a long-distance relationship. However, a fun fact is the pods are in Santa Clarita, California.

About the location, creator Chris Coelen said, “The pods could literally be in any country, in any city, in any place in the world. The pods aren’t about place. The pods are about an experience.”

How, again, does Love Is Blind work?

Chances are that if you’ve read this far, you know how the show functions. But, if not, or if you just want a recap, here’s the scoop.

According to Netflix and the pods, here’s what they are and how they work.

The streamer says, “For Love Is Blind, it’s the pods. They’re a series of fairly small rooms, each outfitted with a couch, a rug and a shimmering blue wall that’s shared with another pod. Contestants can hear, but not see, one another as they fall in love. After popping the question, the newly engaged couple see each other for the first time, testing if love is truly blind.”

Nick Lachey states, “You can’t see anything but a very vague silhouette of what’s happening on the other side. You’re truly flying blind.”

About the pods

The pods are soundproof. Contestants talk via a speaker, and nothing else can be heard without it (even yelling). Also, each pod has a glass roof that is about 40 feet up. They’re about 12 feet by 12 feet, and there are 20 of them. This makes for 10 for men and 10 for women.

In terms of design, the creator said, “We wanted it to feel like a place where you’d actually like to hang out.”

He also added, “The pods are designed so that all you’re focusing on are your emotions and your connections, and you’re not really even thinking about the fact that you’re in Atlanta, or Chicago, or LA, or wherever you are.”

What do contestants do when not in pods?

There are ten days of shooting. As for daily life, they hang out in lounges with restrooms and a gym. There are many drinks available — alcoholic and non — so the bathroom breaks are aplenty.

They stay in hotel rooms, are on a schedule, and are led to and from their rooms to ensure they don’t run into a potential love interest.

Get ready for Valentine’s Day and Love Is Blind

So, that’s your breakdown of the Netflix series. As we mentioned, Love Is Blind Season 6 starts on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14. Cozy up with your significant other, pop some conversational hearts, and watch others hoping to have the same experience.

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