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Who Are Kelly Rutherford’s Children? Gossip Girl Alum Reveals How She Rebuilt Life After Losing Custody of Kids

Kelly Rutherford, known for her role as Lily van der Woodsen in the popular series Gossip Girl, opened up about her divorce and losing the custody battle of her kids in an interview with PEOPLE. The actress insisted that she still has a great relationship with her kids.

Kelly with Hermes and Helena

What happened during Kelly Rutherford’s divorce? 

Kelly Rutherford was married to German businessman Daniel Giersch from 2006-2010, and their son Hermes was also born in 2006. Kelly filed for divorce from Daniel when she was pregnant with her daughter Helena in 2008 and gave birth to her in 2009. The two of them got into a lengthy custody battle which made headlines at the time. 

Even though at first they were granted joint custody of the two kids in the USA in 2009. But after Giersch’s American Visa was revoked in 2012, he started living in France and Monaco. In the same year, Rutherford asked the court to grant her sole custody of her children. But in a very shocking decision, the court ordered that the 50/50 custody would remain. And since Giersch couldn’t visit the USA, their children will have to live with their father in Monaco, with Rutherford having to either move there or travel to visit her kids. 

After another long custody battle, Rutherford declared bankruptcy in 2013, due to the legal fees for the custody battle that racked up to $1.5 million. In 2015, courts in Monaco confirmed that the children should remain with their father with Rutherford being granted extensive visitation rights.

How is Kelly Rutherford doing now? 

It has been nearly a decade since Kelly lost the custody battle of her two kids, but she still has been an amazing mother to her children and spoke about them lovingly in the interview with PEOPLE which she gave from her home in Monaco. “Sometimes we just need to retreat and be with our kids and just heal and take time for ourselves,” the actress said as she talked about healing from her trauma. 

Rutherford went on to try and enjoy her life after the sad decision and worked in shows like Quantico and Dynasty. She also worked on being a good mother to her kids and tried her luck in things other than acting as well. “It’s been really healthy for me, and really good,” she said about her healing journey. 

“My kids are getting older, and they’re sort of like, ‘Okay, get on with your life. They’re teenagers now, and they’ve got their friends and their stuff. So my day to day has recently been more about me and my dogs, working and traveling.” She also talked about her kids and how things have changed since they are grown up now. Kelly called the change really beautiful. 

The actress also talked about letting go of the bitterness and resentment from the past. She said that she is in a much better place mentally and also has a great relationship with both Hermes and Helena. Her unexpected Instagram popularity where people love her classy outfits and elevator mirror selfies has also been a boost to her confidence, the popular actress explained during the interview.

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