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With a new stylist, Paolla Oliveira parades with jaguar energy in Grande Rio | The Day in the Folia

Paolla Oliveira represents the jaguar during the Grande Rio paradeThalita Queiroz / Agência O Dia

Published 02/12/2024 02:42 | Updated 02/12/2024 02:59

Rio – Actress Paolla Oliveira took advantage of jaguar energy to lead the Grande Rio drums on the first night of the Grupo Especial parade.

“I have the energy of a jaguar. I wanted this shiny jaguar to line this Avenue in this parade”, he said.

The queen changed stylists, but stated that there were no problems with Michelly X. “I love Michelly. I just changed artists”, explained the queen of Grande Rio, whose costume was designed by Bruno Oliveira.

Paolla Oliveira paraded in the costume “Transformation: Our destiny is to be a jaguar”. It is the central representation of the plot. The possibility of transforming into a jaguar, “the most perfect being that exists, the one that devours everything, proves that every Brazilian woman is a powerful warrior”, according to the school.

Champion in 2022, Grande Rio is betting on the strength of Tupinambá culture. Inspired by the book of the same name by Alberto Mussa, Tricolor de Caxias has as its plot “Our destiny is to be a jaguar”. The indigenous people have the animal as a divine and powerful symbol. The idea of ​​carnival artists Leonardo Bora and Gabriel Haddad is to propose a reflection on this symbolism in the Brazilian cultural artistic scene, touching on themes such as anthropophagy and enchantment.

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