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Activists throw soup at the painting ‘Spring’, in the Lyon museum – El Financiero

Two climate and social activists They launched this Saturday soup cona painting by the famous impressionist painter Claude Monet, exhibited in the Museum of Fine Arts in Lyon, France.

The two belong to the ‘Riposte Alimentaire’ group, to which two young people also belonged who on January 28 threw soup at ‘La Gioconda’, Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

In both cases, and in others that occurred previously in other museums in different countries for various reasons, The works were protected by glass.

The painting object of the action is ‘Le printemps’ (Spring) and this French group justified its action by saying that “this spring is the only one we will have left if we do not react.”

‘Riposte Alimentaire’ seeks an alternative solution to climate challenge and food security, by proposing that food be included in the Social Security within a transformation of agriculture to make it more sustainable and pay field professionals fairly.

Why are activists protesting?

On their website, the group ‘Food Riposte‘ states that the french government is failing to meet its climate commitments and calls for an equivalent to the state-funded healthcare system to be established, giving people better access to healthy food and providing a decent income for farmers.

Angry French farmers have used their tractors during the last few days to cut roads and complicate traffic in the country, to ask for better remuneration for their products, less bureaucracy and protection against cheap imports.

The government announced on Friday, January 26, a series of measures that, they said, do not fully resolve their demands. The proposal includes “drastically simplifying” some technical procedures and eliminating progressive taxes on diesel for agricultural vehicles.

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