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Andrew Tate Labelled ‘Marketing Genius’ as Old ‘G Pitch’ From First Paid Promotion Goes Viral

Andrew Tate is one of the most controversial figures on the internet at the moment. Andrew Tate and his elder brother Tristan are known for their polarising takes on issues around the world. While this has landed them in serious trouble recently, it also played a huge role in their rise to fame and the audience that they have at the moment. A throwback clip that resurfaced on Twitter shows that Andrew Tate has been the same for years now.

A fan account on Twitter shared what is claimed to be Andew Tate’s first paid promotion video. In the video, Tate talks about his new sponsor, ‘sidekick’. However, instead of talking about the brand and convincing his subscribers to buy the product, Tate goes on to praise himself. The 37-year-old lists out all his achievements and states that since is amazing, everything he associates himself with is also amazing. Therefore, Tate indirectly suggests the brand ‘Sidekick’ is also amazing.

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Needless to say, the video garnered some interesting reactions from fans. Here are some of the best reactions to Tate’s first paid promotion.

One fan said, “They probably got the best ROI years later…”

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Another fan added, “His marketing strategy is still the same too.”

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Another fan commented, “G Pitch.”

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“Nothing changed over the years, top G doing the most”– commented a fan.

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Another fan added, “Marketing Genius.”

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“He knew the recipe already lol.”– commented a fan observant fan.

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Since his first paid promotion, Tate has gone on to amass a vast fortune for himself and his family.

Is Andrew Tate currently sponsored by any company?

Unfortunately for the Tate brothers, the last 18-months have been extremely difficult. The brothers were arrested on December 29th 2022 and since then have been in jail or under house arrest. During that time, all of their assets were frozen, and they were kicked off major sites such as Instagram, Uber, Stripe, among others. While they were associated with a few companies in the past, none of those companies want anything to do with either of the Tate brothers at the moment.

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At present, the only known partnership that Andrew Tate has is with Rumble. Reports suggest that Tate has a $9 million agreement in place with the website. Rumble is an online streaming and video platform that does not believe in censorship. Since Tate was banned from YouTube and other platforms, he switched over to Rumble. This website is used by the Tate brothers to host their infamous ‘Emergency Meetings’.

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