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BBB 24: Alane and Leidy Elin fight with Juninho: ‘No one wants to catch you’ | BBB

Alane and Leidy Elin confront Juninho on BBB 24Video reproduction / TV Globo

Published 02/05/2024 08:22

River – After the formation of the wall, Alane and Juninho argued in the room of “Big Brother Brasil 24”, on TV Globo, in the early hours of this Thursday. Leidy Elin followed the fight and also confronted her brother, who flirted with the dancer at the last party, leaving her uncomfortable as the motorcycle courier had shown interest in the dancer in previous situations.

It all started with Juninho’s speech about permanence. “For me, inventing or creating situations is not playing fair. There is a lot going on, you can see. A lot of disloyalty,” he said. Alane then went to get satisfaction from her brother. “What am I inventing?” she asked. The motorcycle courier started to speak and was interrupted by the dancer. “You asked, now you’re going to let me talk,” he stated, raising his voice. “Speak softly to me”, asked Alane.

Juninho then defended himself. “Yesterday, at the party, I flirted with you in the following way… We talked about several topics, Pará, my daughter’s name… And it was there that I told you, given the situation that occurred, that you felt offended by Fernanda’s question, I said: ‘In fact, I think you’re a very beautiful woman, and I would catch you out there'”, explained the brother. “You said: ‘I’d even catch you outside’. I said I’m friends with Leidy and I didn’t agree with that, and it had nothing to do with it”, countered Alane.

“I told you I would get it outside. What I had with Leidy here was flirting, a little kiss on the corner of the mouth, a little smack”, continued Juninho. “Did you hit on the girl’s friend who flirted with you, gave you a peck?” asked the model. “No, she slapped me,” said the motorcycle courier. Leidy joined the conversation. “Did I slap you?” she asked. “It doesn’t matter who gave it”, highlighted Alane. The brother agreed, but the trancista said: “Ah, Juninho! You’re feeling hot.” “No one wants to catch you, Juninho, stop being crazy”, added Alane.

The motorcycle courier highlighted that he was single and asked his sister: “Why can’t I flirt?” The dancer replied: “Why am I angry for telling her that you flirted with her and flirted with me?” Juninho said that her attitude was unnecessary. “You went to talk to her as if I had a commitment to her.”
“You asked if I wanted to catch you? Because I didn’t want to. ‘I’d even catch you outside’, where’s the respect? The way you looked at me, at that party, there was no respect. You talked to me by taking my hand and I I would take my hand off you”, explained Alane. “Guys, I think you’re traveling”, said the brother.

Leidy demands explanations

Leidy got involved in the discussion and wanted to know why Juninho didn’t talk to her before. “You had all day to turn around and call me to exchange ideas about anything,” the trancist complained. “The girl came rolling in front of me,” said Juninho. “What’s wrong with her twerking?” asked Alane. “There’s no need at all. Why did you wait for the live show?”, Leidy insisted. Alane got excited: “What’s wrong with her twerking?” “Put the ball down. I’m single, if she wants to roll for me, she’ll roll, she’s single. If I want to touch you, I’ll touch you. Touching means unwinding”, replied the motorcycle courier.

Beatriz reacted to her brother’s statement. “Touch me so you can see.” Juninho explained that it was slang. “You don’t even know Rio de Janeiro slang, playing means coming to me and unwinding”, replied Juninho. “Do you know what I think? That you are ‘all freaked out’, you are desperate about Paredão…… You and Leidy just shot yourself in the foot”, he added.

‘You don’t want to go crazy’

Irritated, Leidy went to the bathroom and complained about Juninho’s words, who approached her. “I have nothing to do with him, no one does. We were flirting, joking, like everyone does in this house. Then I danced for him, mocking him, just like he came joking with me. So, I, as a woman, can’t go and play with him. him, dance, and can he play with me?”, he asked.

“Isn’t telling a man to open his leg and roll at him flirting?” replied the motorcycle taxi driver. “You can and I can’t? Can you with the strawberry in your mouth?”, insisted the trancist. “You’re shooting yourself in the foot, you better stop,” said Juninho. “You’re the one giving it away, hottie,” replied the sister. “Actually, it’s better to continue, you’re helping me”, continued the brother. “Flirting, everyone flirted here. Now, don’t try to act crazy, that’s what you’re doing”, concluded Leidy.

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