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Can Deadpool Change Storyline Of MCU Forever? Here Are 10 Reasons Why We Think So

Deadpool 3 is all set to change the narrative for the Marvel Universe. With the plot being leaked, Deadpool is expected to be full of twists and turns. Here are 10 possibilities for how and when the new Deadpool movie can surprise its audience. 


1. Deadpool might kill the MCU’s version of Deadpool

Deadpool 3 via IMDB

Deadpool fans will get to witness two Deadpools in one movie. As the sources have it, Ryan Renolds will be playing a double role, one being the original Deadpool and other being the samurai version of Deadpool, which might kill MCU’s version in the film. 


2. Deadpool 3 might show the end of Fox Marvel Universes

The new Deadpool movie is expected to show the end of the Fox Marvel Universe. This would change the Marvel World as Deadpool and Wolverine would go around clearing timelines. similar way that was shown in the Loki series. 


3. X-Men characters to appear in Deadpool 3


X-Men characters via IMDB

Marvel could introduce their own X-Men via Deadpool 3. Many X-Men characters are expected to show up in the new movie, including James Marsden. The film can bring the character to the universe for a new X-Men movie. 


4. Deadpool 3 to introduce a new villain

Dr. Dooms via IMDB

With Jonathan Majors out of MCU, Marvel has replaced him with Doctor Dooms. The new villain will have connections with the MCU Fantastic Four. It would be interesting to watch how Doctor Dooms turns out to be a deadlier villain than Kang. 


5. Deadpool 3 to bring back the time travel plot

Ryan Renolds in Deadpool via IMDB

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The previous film’s plot featured Wade Wilson’s time travel abilities. The upcoming movie will also have Wilson using time travel to change the past of MCU. This can change the whole narrative of Marvel movies forever. 


6. Marvel to bring back Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine via IMDB

Wolverine’s character was dead in the movie Logan; however, the movie is to bring up the narrative of getting the character back from a different Universe. Hugh Jackman will return as his original character in the yellow and blue costume from the comics. 


7. Introduction of Marvel’s Fantastic Four

Marvel's Fantastic Four via IMDB

Marvel has cleared out slates for the Fantastic Four movie in 2025; however, there are rumours about bringing in the cast of the movie in Deadpool 3. This will give Marvel fans a new direction to look out for and reveal what to expect from the film. 


8. Dr. Strange to connect with Deadpool

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange via IMDB

With the release of Marvel’s Multiverse of Madness, fans can expect a collaboration between Deadpool and Dr. Strange. The multiverse movie also revealed a new face, Chlea, who seeks help from the character. This could be a link to Dr. Stange’s entry into the Deadpool Universe. 


9. Kang’s variants to turn into different villains

As Jonanthan Majors has been shown the way out of the MCU, there is a possibility of Kang’s variant taking on different forms in the upcoming movies to fight Ryan Renolds character. The role of Kang will no longer be a part of the Deadpool movies as Marvel comes up with a new main villain. 


10. Captain America might return in Deadpool 3


Chris Evens as Captain America via IMDB

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