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Cancellation of Argentina’s game in Hangzhou, China clarified – El Financiero

Contrary to what was assumed this Friday regarding the cancellation of the friendly that Argentina was supposed to play against Nigeria next month in the Chinese town of Hangzhou, It has nothing to do with the injury that prevented him from Lionel Messi play in Hong Kong wearing the Inter Miami shirt.

From some sectors in Beijing, both situations were related, since the Chinese fans were not happy with the ‘snub’ that the Argentine star would have had in that match, which they saw from the side of the stadium.

Why is Messi no longer going to play with the Argentine National Team in China?

According to what they qualified EFE Argentine sources related to the contracting of this match, “the cancellation It is due to bureaucratic problems” and not what was stated yesterday.

The situation of unrest that arose in Hong Kong due to not being able to see Messi on the grass, according to the same sources, “has nothing to do with the cancellation of Hangzhou.”

The Sports Office of the city of Hangzhou, in China, announced this Friday that “the conditions are not met” since, as they explained “they are not ripe” for the eventpicks up the local newspaper Global Times.

Messi, saddened by not being able to play in Hong Kong

The Argentine ’10’ apologized to his Chinese fans on the X-like social media site Weibo just before Wednesday’s match, saying it was “a real shame” not being able to play in Hong Kong due to injury, which had him watching the game from the bench.

He even expressed his idea of ​​returning to China: “I hope we can come back and play a game in Hong Kong, and I also hope to be able to return to China as soon as possible and greet you all,” he said. the footballer who will appear in Super Bowl 58 commercials.

Inter Miami For his part, he clarified that it was simply “too risky” for Messi to play due to some adductor discomfort before the match.

With the Hangzhou commitment suspended, it remains to be seen if the second game scheduled in Beijing against the Ivory Coast will be maintained, although the same sources assure that “another headquarters where organize two matches for the international date.”

Match organizer in Hong Kong will offer refunds after Messi’s absence

Tatler Asia, the company organizing the duel, said in a statement on February 9 that will refund 50 percent of the ticket price After the criticism received for the absence of Lio messi.

The organizer, who will provide details of the refunds next month, also waived a subsidy that he had requested from the Hong Kong government.

For its part, The local government applauded the decision and commented that the compensation “is a responsible approach that demonstrates the proactive and responsible attitude” of Tatler.

With information from EFE

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