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Criminals use truck to remove manhole covers and steal cables in São Gonçalo | Rio de Janeiro

Criminals fled and abandoned the truckDisclosure / Municipal Guard

Published 02/12/2024 09:09 | Updated 02/12/2024 09:14

Rio – Agents from the São Gonçalo Municipal Guard recovered, in the early hours of Sunday (11), around a ton of copper wires that were being stolen on Rua Jovelino de Oliveira Viana, in the Alcântara neighborhood. The criminals used a truck to pull a chain attached to the manhole where the wires were.

Security camera footage shows two men tying a chain to the back of the vehicle. When trying to remove the manhole cover where the underground wires were, the group pulls the trapped cable with the help of the truck. A motorcyclist passing by was injured when he hit the chain placed by the criminals. The boy narrowly avoided being run over by a car that was coming behind him. After the accident, municipal guards arrived at the scene.

The corporation reported that at around 3am a vehicle that was patrolling the region was called after a team from the São Gonçalo Security Center (CSSG), a monitoring system in strategic points of high circulation in the city, recorded the criminal action. In the images, employees noticed the movement of possible theft of copper wires from underground on the road, close to a gas station.

The group fled and abandoned the truck where the stolen material, around 300 meters of copper wire, was being placed. The seized material and the vehicle were sent to the 74th DP (Alcântara), where the incident was recorded.

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