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Dirty war vs. AMLO and Sheinbaum cost the opposition dearly: How much do they pay to ‘shoot’ them?

He PAN and the PRI They promote a “war dirty” on social networks against the President Andrés Manuel López Obradorby Morena and the presidential candidate Claudia Sheinbaum in more than 50 countries around the world, which has an estimated cost of one million dollars a weekdenounced the Morenoist national leader, Mario Delgado.

He explained that Internet expert followers of his party monitored from February 1 to 10, and analyzed 308,377 accounts, of which 161,280, 52.29%, “are false and with fictional interactions”.

In a Sunday conference at the party’s national headquarters, he accused that “it is a digital mafia” that they lead Kenia López, head of the office of the opposition candidate, Xochitl Galvez; the PAN federal deputy, Teresa Castell; the PAN member Gerardo Priego Tapia, the former PRI member Javier Lozano, the Sociedad Civil México collective, among many other actors.

Mario Delgado denounced that “this exercise costs and someone pays for it”, so, according to specialists, “it is estimated that a dirty campaign of these characteristics amounts to a cost of at least one million dollars per week.”

He indicated that “they have orchestrated this ‘dirty war’ campaign in the last two weeks, promoted in coincidence with the visit of Xóchitl Gálvez to the United Statesto try to link our Movement with illicit activities, with the drug trafficking”.

“They are determined, without evidence and with black campaigns, to accuse us just to attack the president, our candidate and our movement, but with false accounts and conversations that are not real,” he insisted.

However, and even though he assured that they have already detected the names of whose accounts send the messages abroad, he clarified that “no complaints will be filed – not even about the expenses to set up these campaigns – because there is freedom of expression”.

As an example, Mario Delgado explained that in the United States 15,797 accounts were detected, 3,259 in Venezuela, 2,215 in the Philippines, 1,415 in Canada, 934 in India, 869 in Bolivia, 834 in Spain, 827 in Argentina, 784 in the United Kingdom, others 664 in Brazil, among other countries, he said.

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