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Avalanche a Courmayer: the Alpine Rescue would be intervening in the Vees gully, in Val Veny, above the city in Valle d’Aosta. The alarm would have gone off around 13 by some skiers who witnessed the detachment. It is not yet known if there are people involved, injured or even deceased, but – according to what has been learned – the possibility is unfortunately not excluded. In fact, it is feared that some skiers have been overwhelmed.

For the time being anyway, as he reports the Ansait would be impossible to reach the place by helicopter due to the bad weather, which does not allow any visibility at height. This is why two teams made up of technicians from the Valle d’Aosta Alpine Rescue, Guardia di Finanza and doctors would have left a little while ago by land. Another group will instead start from Val Veny. The intervention – as they let the rescue center know – was made difficult not only by the weather conditions, but also by the instability of the snowpack.

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