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Duda Nagle’s new girlfriend likes Sabrina Sato indirectly | Celebrities

Duda Nagle with his girlfriend Michele BalsamãoReproduction / Instagram

Published 02/12/2024 18:01

Rio – The new girlfriend of Duda Nagle, Sabrina Sato’s ex-husband, caused controversy by liking a comment that pokes fun at Zoe’s mother. O new couple started their relationship on Saturday (10). This is the first time that the actor has embarked on a romance after his separation from Sabrina Sato, which happened in March 2023 with whom he stayed for seven years.
Duda Nagle's girlfriend teases Sabrina Sato - Reproduction / Instagram
Duda Nagle’s girlfriend teases Sabrina SatoReproduction / Instagram

“Now, a woman of the same level! You can see that she has maturity and elegance. Congratulations!”, wrote the internet user in a comment liked by Michele. Sabrina Sato’s fans didn’t let the provocation go unnoticed and responded to Duda Nagle’s current one. “She’s right. Sabrina is at a very high level. She has to fight a lot to reach it”, said a fan of the drum queen from Vila Isabel. “This type of comment was unnecessary and Michele still liked it. It’s not a good sign, Duda Nagle”, said the other.

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