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Ethanol prices rise in 11 states, shows ANP | Economy

The biggest percentage drop in the week, of 6.53%, was recorded in PernambucoFreepik

Published 05/02/2024 12:13 | Updated 02/05/2024 12:13

The average prices of hydrous ethanol this week rose in 11 states, fell in 11 and in the Federal District and remained stable in 3, according to a survey by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) compiled by AE-Taxas. In Amapá, there was no quotation.

At stations surveyed by ANP across the country, the average price of ethanol rose 0.29%, from R$3.40 per liter in the previous week to R$3.41 per liter.

In São Paulo, the main producing and consuming state with the most evaluated stations, the average price rose 0.31%, from R$3.22 to R$3.23.

The biggest percentage drop in the week, 6.53%, was recorded in Pernambuco, where a liter went from R$3.82 to R$3.77.

The biggest percentage increase occurred in Ceará, 4.44%, with a liter rising from R$4.05 to R$4.23. The minimum price recorded this week for ethanol at a gas station was R$2.67 per liter, in São Paulo.

The highest price, of R$6.60, was recorded in Pará. The lowest average state price, of R$2.96, was observed in Mato Grosso, while the highest average price was recorded in Rondônia, of R$4 .85 a liter.

In the monthly comparison, the average price of biofuel in the country rose 0.59%. The biggest increase in the period, 22.04%, was recorded in Goiás. The biggest drop in the month was observed in Amazonas, 6.53%.

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