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Ex-F1 Champion Cites His Own Glory to Believe “Too Old” Lewis Hamilton Can Clinch His 8th Title With Ferrari

Although Lewis Hamilton is arguably one of the greatest F1 drivers in history, many experts believe that age has caught up with him as well. Several experts in the recent past have explained how the 39-year-old may still win races but is too old to win a record eighth title. However, 1992 F1 champion Nigel Mansell has rubbished these claims. Mansell, who won the title at 39, cited his own example to explain why Hamilton can still win another championship.

As quoted by motorsportweek.com, the 70-year-old told the BBC,

People are saying Lewis is now too old at 39? No, I won my championship at 39 and I could have gone on, but the politics got involved. But Lewis, if he’s motivated, he’s got several, if not a lot more years left. I think it’s just fantastic“.

However, it is pertinent to note that Hamilton once interestingly said himself that he did not want to be racing when he is 40. As it turns out, he will move to Ferrari when he turns 40 in 2025. That blockbuster move is enough to suggest that the Briton will definitely race in his forties.

Now, the only thing that will be interesting to see is, if Hamilton’s prolonged stay can help him win a record eighth title. While Mansell believes that age will not deter Hamilton from competing at his very best, the 1992 champion does believe that reigning triple world champion Max Verstappen will be a very difficult opponent to beat.

What are Lewis Hamilton’s chances of winning an eighth title?

Since Mercedes are currently struggling to deliver a strong car that can even fight for wins, it seems unlikely that Lewis Hamilton will win another championship with the Silver Arrows in his last year with them. However, it is pertinent to note that the Briton‘s chances with Ferrari for 2025 do not look that bright either.

Red Bull are currently the force to reckon with until the current regulations last till the end of the 2025 campaign. Once the new regulations are in effect in 2026, only then will it be a level playing field for all sides. Hence, if Hamilton is still racing until then, that could be his best chance of winning a dream eighth title.

However, if Mercedes (2024) or Ferrari (2025) do shockingly provide Hamilton with a car that is capable of winning, then the next two seasons could indeed be extremely interesting to watch. In that case, fans will most likely get to witness the rivalry of Lewis Hamilton vs Max Verstappen all over again.

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