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Four people are arrested on suspicion of using false documents to access boxes at the Sambadrome | Rio de Janeiro

The case was registered at the 14th DP (Leblon)reproduction

Published 02/12/2024 13:24

Rio – Three men and a woman suspected of falsifying credentials for a box at Sapucaí were arrested last Saturday night (10), in Copacabana, in the South Zone. According to the Civil Police, the four prisoners were trying to remove the entrance to watch to parades using fake powers of attorney.

Investigators from the 14th DP (Leblon) were already monitoring the group’s activities. In an attempt to acquire the tickets, the suspects also used a credit card in the name of a third party.

One of those involved in the scheme would be Marcus Vinícius da Silva, son of Marcos Pereira Antônio, known as Marquinhos Art’ Samba, current interpreter for Mangueira.

Also on Saturday, five other people were arrested for forging documents and using false documentation. Three of them worked in a printing shop in Botafogo, South Zone, where credentials were being falsified to access Marques de Sapucaí. The documents contained official QR Codes, but which were passed on illegally.

Police station at the Sambadrome

Since the first day of parades, on Friday (9), a projection of the 6th DP (Cidade Nova) has been performing at the Sambadrome. The agents are located in a unit set up in Sector 11 of Marquês de Sapucaí, aimed at the public who are enjoying the carnival at the Sambadrome. The location serves the population and public who need to record any incident at the location.

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