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‘I work well, the expectation of a second championship is a lot of pressure’, says Leandro Vieira | The Day in the Folia

Rio – The carnival rider of current champion Leandro Vieira said, this Monday (12), that he is aiming for success as he considers the expectation of a second title for Imperatriz Leopoldinense to be a lot of pressure. Leandro also highlighted that he is happy in the green and white of Ramos.

“They’re saying it’s beautiful. Let’s see,” he joked. “We work with the expectation of success. It’s a lot of pressure to work with the expectation of a second championship. If the sum of all the successes results in something bigger, I won’t be sad”, he explained.

Leandro celebrated the good phase with the current champion. “It’s wonderful. Everyone is happy and I share this joy with them. I’m living a happy moment with the Empress. I’m one of the three thousand members that the Empress takes to the Avenue”, he concluded.

The club seeks a second championship with the plot “With luck turning to the moon, according to the will of the gypsy Esmeralda”. The plot focuses on a century-old work by a cordelist from Paraíba, which deals with a will from a gypsy called Esmeralda.

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