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Jalen Brunson Was Stunned When Josh Hart Suggested Killing TJ McConnell

Jalen Brunson was taken aback when Josh Hart made a shocking suggestion during their conversation on the “Roommates Show” podcast. 

Hart’s statement took a dark turn as he remarked: 

“T.J. is one of those guys I feel like, like, you’re not, like, you can’t just win. Like, you gotta, you got to kill him.” 

Brunson, clearly taken aback by the extreme nature of Hart’s comment, humorously responded:

“There’s something wrong with you, bro.”

As they discussed which NBA players they could defeat in a fight, Hart initially expressed reluctance, emphasizing the desire among players to avoid physical altercations and maintain their income. 

However, when Brunson brought up the names of players like Ryan Arcidiacono and T.J. McConnell, known for their shorter stature, Hart injected humor into the conversation by suggesting that defeating McConnell would require extreme measures.

Hart went on to explain his reasoning, likening McConnell’s tenacity on the basketball court to his perceived relentlessness in a hypothetical physical confrontation. He described McConnell as a persistent adversary who would not back down easily, suggesting that defeating him would require extreme measures.

Brunson’s humorous interjection midway through Hart’s explanation further emphasized the absurdity of the conversation, highlighting the contrast between the playful banter and Hart’s shocking suggestion. In addition to their playful banter, Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart have a history of trolling each other, showcasing their camaraderie both on and off the court. 

Brunson has been known to tease Hart on several occasions, including jokingly asking him to delete his contact after Hart posed a particularly absurd question. Furthermore, their camaraderie extends beyond mere jokes and pranks. 

When Becky Hammon questioned Brunson’s impact on the Knicks, and Candace Parker quoted an incorrect take on Brunson, Hart wasted no time in coming to his teammate’s defense. Despite their playful exchanges, it’s clear that Brunson and Hart share a strong bond and always have each other’s backs, whether it’s in jest or in more serious matters concerning their careers in the NBA.

Josh Hart Jokes He Would Fight Tom Thibodeau

In a recent episode of the “Roommates” podcast with Jalen Brunson, New York Knicks star Josh Hart didn’t hold back when discussing his coach, Tom Thibodeau. After jokingly attributing his limited playing time in the Knicks’ recent game to Thibodeau’s response to hearing about Hart’s podcast comments, Hart humorously dared to suggest that the coach “ain’t want these hands.” 

This lighthearted remark came after Hart initially expressed his exhaustion from playing extended minutes, quipping:

“I’m not gonna lie, I be f***ing grinding. I be tired.” (40:00)

Hart’s jesting about potentially boxing Thibodeau reflects his playful personality and willingness to engage in humorous banter with his teammates and coaches.

Thibodeau, known for demanding heavy minutes from his players, has a reputation for extending the playing time of his starters, similar to his tenure with Derrick Rose during the Chicago Bulls era. Despite concerns about player fatigue, Thibodeau’s focus on defensive efficiency often leads to prolonged minutes for key players. 

While Hart’s playful comments about his coach may not have been typical of past NBA generations, they reflect a modern trend of players openly discussing playing time concerns. 

Hart’s humorous approach to addressing his workload, coupled with his impressive on-court performance, adds a layer of entertainment and camaraderie to the Knicks’ dynamic, showcasing his ability to balance competitiveness with humor.

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