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“Lakers Are Like Your Dad”: Spencer Dinwiddie ‘Candidly’ Describes Reason for Picking LeBron James-led Squad Over Mavericks

Only a few days ago, Spencer Dinwiddie was traded to the Toronto Raptors by the Brooklyn Nets. But his tenure with the Raptors was short-lived as the team ended up waiving him right after he got traded. The 6’5 point guard then went on to sign a one-year/$1.5 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers snubbing his former team Dallas Mavericks. After signing with the Lakers, Dinwiddie was asked about his team preferences, to which he had an interesting response.

Dinwiddie recently went on to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, coming back to his hometown after spending 10 years in the league. As he spoke to the reporters, he went on to explain what made him choose the Lakers over the Mavericks.

The former Nets star broke down two main reasons why he chose to sing with the Lakers. The first aspect was that the Lakers had players he had already shared the court with in the past. 

“I got to talk to D-Lo, got to talk to Torian, talk to C-Wood, people that I’ve played with. You know Rui, Rui’s excited to see me. That’s always good, you know, just things of that nature.” 

He then went on to give a candid response and the other aspect of what made him choose Los Angeles over Dallas.

“Let’s say you’re a kid and you get your a** whupped by the bully. Dallas would have been like your mama, like, ‘It’s OK, baby, don’t worry about it.’ Lakers are like your dad: ‘Nah, you better go out there and fight ‘til you win.’ You feel me?”


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The Colorado State product’s analogy may not have been crystal clear as to what he meant by the last part, but he may have been referring to the team’s front office and the fanbase as well. The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most cutthroat organizations in the league.

It is either winning a championship or a bust. And the Lakers front office does not hold themselves back from trading away players who they feel do not fit the bill. The Lakers fanbase too is the same when compared to the rest of the fans in the league.

The fans don’t shy away from calling out their own players and trashing them on social media. But those very same fans can also fight till the end to have their player’s or team’s back when someone else trashes them.

Dinwiddie credits LeBron James for his choice to pick LA

Spencer Dinwiddie’s move to the Los Angeles Lakers squad drew some positive reactions from the team’s head coach Darvin Ham. Not just Ham but even Lakers star forward Anthony Davis was ecstatic to have Dinwiddie join the team.

“I know what he’s capable of doing and I know what we have around him, what we’re able to put around him. And I think he’s gonna thrive.”

Davis on the other hand had this to say. “We think he can help us. You know, another big guard that can score, can shoot, playmake…I think it’s a really good signing for us.”

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Dinwiddie is indeed excited to join the Lakers squad. He even had a $1 bonus in his contract if the Lakers went all the way to win a championship.

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When asked if he would give those familiar faces the credit for him coming to LA, Spencer had a hilarious response and went on to give the credit to LeBron James instead.

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It’ll be interesting to see what impact Dinwiddie makes on the Lakers squad as they hope to improve their record come playoff time.

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