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López Obrador’s parade – El Financiero

López Obrador’s unfulfilled dream was projected on Saturday at the Military Parade ceremony on September 16: he became dictator of a country allied to the tyrannies that abolished individual freedoms.

Just a dream, because thanks to the courage of the majority in the Supreme Court, to the press that assumed its responsibility, to opposition parties that did not bend, to the society that with its vote took away from the government the qualified majority in Congress , Mexico was saved from the dictatorship.

At least, for now.

The López Obrador project of taking Mexico towards dictatorship has a presidential candidate, whose name is known to everyone: Claudia Sheinbaum.

Claiming victory because he could not physically stay in the National Palace, as was his intention, would be a historic mistake.

Anyone who thinks that López Obrador gave up his project of establishing a tyranny in Mexico is because he does not know him. Or he pretends not to know him.

His dream, which is to say his project, was evident on the balcony of the National Palace where he was surrounded by soldiers, his wife, his secretaries, and no representatives of the other powers.

There was only one power: his.

And below, through the streets of the capital’s Zócalo, alongside the Mexican National Army, troops from the 154th Preobrazhenskiy Regiment of Russia paraded. Troops of the tyranny of Daniel Ortega, from Nicaragua. From Nicolás Maduro, from Venezuela. From Díaz-Canel, from Cuba.

On the one hand, it’s good that he showed the stage and the companies he wants to be with. And with those who cannot tolerate sharing even a physical space on the day of national unity: the other two powers of the Federation.

In such a way that those who, out of innocence or convenience, have condescended to AMLO, will not be able to close their eyes to what we saw on Saturday.

For the national interest, what the President did is extremely irresponsible.

Inviting Russian troops to parade to the Zócalo goes far beyond the unhealthy megalomania of dominating the agenda and public discussion. Let him be talked about first, for better or worse, but be there, at the center of the national conversation.

He stained a day of national unity, by excluding from the Palace those who think differently than him, as is the case of the president of Congress, Marcela Guerra. And to those who have fulfilled the function of stopping some of their violations of the Constitution, such as the Supreme Court. Norma Piña and the president of the Chamber of Deputies should have been there, and they were excluded.

The Russian Army invaded a neighboring country, with blood and fire, Ukraine, the heroic nation on which Putin declared war. The representation of Mexico in the UN Security Council condemned the invasion, but the President of our country invited the Russian soldiers to parade in the Zócalo.

Your pacifism is false. Our government is not on the side of the weak victim, but on the side of the aggressor Army.

It goes against the national interest because, like Ukraine, we are neighbors of a nuclear superpower, with an expansionist and interventionist history.

It is against Mexico’s interest to wink and court the empires when, in open violation of international laws, they strip their neighbors of territory. Or they invade other countries. We have suffered it. Didn’t you know a lot about history?

It is a shame that soldiers from the Nicaraguan dictatorship parade through our streets, which imprisoned the presidential candidates who were going to run against Daniel Ortega, and others had to flee into exile. Persecute priests. It ended the free press and the validity of human rights.

That is the Mexico that López Obrador wants. Without opponents, without separation of powers, without media in which criticism is expressed, without individual rights, and he surrounded by the military up high.

He has to go, but he has not given up on his project.

The Mexico he wants will be on the electoral ballot. And we saw the project on Saturday on the balcony of the Palace and in the Zócalo.

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