Rome, Nov 25 (Adnkronos) – “In addition to the ‘miscellaneous’ coverage, given that the Budget Law has not been transmitted today, we are starting to have a serious problem with the timing. It is better that the government informs the Budget Commission on Monday what calendar idea do you have in mind? Luigi Marattin, deputy of IV-Azione writes it on Twitter.

“The Dpb confirms that the budget law still has many obscure points. There are two possibilities: either the government is postponing as much as possible the moment in which 16 billion of covers will be revealed, or it still doesn’t know where to find them -adds Marattin-. In the second case, it certainly does not escape notice that if the budget law with the stamp is not in parliament on Monday morning, the chances (already close to zero) of avoiding the provisional exercise would be mathematically zero. Someone tell us what happens, please”.

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