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Mexico is ranked ninth in the world in food delivery – El Financiero

The food delivery service has generated significant growth in Mexico, doubling the value of the industry and placing the country among the top 10 world powers in this sector.

According to Euromonitor, in 2020 the industry reached a value of 32,431.6 million dollars and by 2028 it is projected to reach 70 billion dollars, a growth of 140 percent. This positions Mexico in ninth place, a rise of three places from 11th place in 2023.

“The main driver of recovery and future growth is the persistent interest in going out, today more than ever, it is important to offer alternatives for consumption at home and away from it, as hybrid lifestyles, the growing use of services of delivery and inflation, will cause consumers to seek to satisfy their needs in different places and consumption occasions without involving high spending,” he explained. Carlos Zamora, global project manager at Euromonitor International.

By 2028, the main power is expected to be China with a value of 951,900 million dollars, followed by the United States with 838,370 million dollars, and Japan with 165,056 million dollars.

The rest of top It will be made up of Brazil, Spain, Italy, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and Mexico above India.

He pointed out that the biggest challenge for channel actors is to create strategies to minimize price increases, since although inflation in 2024 is expected to decrease to 4 percent, compared to 5.4 percent in 2023, its effects have had a strong impact on household spending.

Among the growth strategies are geographical expansion, reduction of delivery times and product reengineering, while Rocío Franco mentioned the relevance of loyalty programs in this competitive context.

“The channel of foodservice For the consumer, it will continue to grow with a greater degree of competition and will promote loyalty programs to take advantage of the impulse to go out to eat,” Franco said.

In 2024, the bakery is expected to maintain the largest share in the foodservicewhile the coffee and tea markets will experience significant growth.

AJE will sponsor Real Madrid

Grupo AJE, a beverage company, became the first regional sponsor of the Spanish soccer club Real Madrid, being the first private company of Peruvian origin to commercially associate with the Madrid team. With this agreement, Grupo AJE’s VOLT brand will be present among a wide base of fans in Latin America and Africa, with an agreed validity until June 2026. AJE has previous experience in sponsoring top-level European teams, such as FC Barcelona and Paris Saint Germain. The VOLT energy drink brand has a presence in 18 countries, including Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia and Egypt.

Billú reaches 100 thousand downloads

Billú, Afirme’s digital bank, celebrated the first 100 thousand downloads of its application. José María Sobrevia, Corporate, Commercial and Digital Director of Banca Afirme, highlighted that Billú provides users with an easy banking experience by allowing them to carry out financial operations from the comfort of their mobile devices. To celebrate, Martín Alonso Mercado Arias, head of Billú, announced the launch of the Billú Personalized Card. The card has contactless payment technology, allowing fast and secure transactions by simply bringing it close to the payment terminal. Billú goes hand in hand with Visa.

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