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‘Monstrosity’, says Russia about Ukrainian bombing of bakery | World and Science

Bakery destroyed in Lysychansk, in the Russian-occupied area of ​​Ukraine, on Saturday, 3Disclosure / Government of Russia / AFP

Published 05/02/2024 08:50

The Kremlin classified this Monday, 5th, as a “monstrous terrorist act” the Bombing attributed to the Ukrainian Army against a bakery in the occupied city of Lysychanskin eastern Ukraine, which left at least 28 dead on Saturday, according to local rescuers.

“Bombing a bakery is a monstrous terrorist act,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov told reporters, accusing Kiev of “continuing bombings against civilian infrastructure.”

“The number of victims is also proof of the monstrosity” of this attack, he stressed. According to Peskov, the Russian Army will continue the operation in Ukraine to “prevent” further victims.

On Saturday, Russian authorities accused the Ukrainian army of carrying out a bombing that hit a bakery in Lysychansk, leaving at least 28 people dead. The Ukrainian government has not yet reacted to these accusations.

Russia always denies, in turn, that it has civilian targets in Ukraine, although locations such as Mariupol and Bakhmut have been devastated in the context of the conflict.

Lysychansk, in the Luhansk region, fell to Russian forces in the summer of 2022 after a bloody battle. Before the Russian offensive in Ukraine, this city had about 111,000 inhabitants.

The front in eastern Ukraine has been practically paralyzed for months, but fighting and shelling by both sides has intensified this winter.

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