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Port Authority intensifies operations at sea | Angra dos Reis – Rio de Janeiro

Vessels are inspected by the Port Authority Social media dissemination/reproduction

Costa Verde – Intense movement at sea in the cities on the Costa Verde coast (Angra, Paraty and Mangaratiba), this Sunday (11) during Carnival, due to the sunny days, led the Brazilian Navy, through the Port Authority, to intensify, In these days of revelry, the summer operation only ends on February 29th.

Reinforced inspection has been taking place since Friday (9) and continues until Wednesday (14), with special attention to beaches, islands and marinas, “aiming to contribute to navigation safety and preservation of human life at sea”.

The military approaches make drivers and passengers aware of the importance of safe navigation at sea, the use of a life jacket and that any infraction may result in the vessel being notified and seized and the person responsible fined and administratively charged.

Operation Summer

Operation Summer “NAVSEG: you connected to safe navigation. It started on December 15, 2023 and runs until February 29, 2024.

To contribute to the efforts of the maritime authority, the Brazilian Navy, through the Directorate of Ports and Coasts, in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism, created and made available the “NAVSEG” application. The Operation Summer 2023/2024 theme platform allows any vessel driver to provide, in real time, information that will facilitate rescue in cases of emergency. During inspection actions, if it is observed that a vessel is irregular or not in compliance with the requirements set out in Law 9,537/97 (LESTA), it will be notified and may be seized. Any irregularity in the conduct of vessels is subject to a fine, with the person responsible being administratively fined by the Maritime Authority Agent, with the possibility of suspension of the license, temporarily or permanently,
depending on the severity of the infraction. Throughout the Operation, the Port Authority Police Station in Angra dos Reis will use a breathalyzer to measure the concentration of ethyl alcohol in drivers’ bloodstreams, in an attempt to prevent dangerous driving of vessels. The Navy also recommends that all crew members wear life jackets throughout the journey and that regulations and laws
are strictly respected.

To avoid infractions, DelAReis reinforces that motor-powered vessels, such as speedboats and jet skis, can only travel more than 200 meters from the shore. Rowing and sailing vessels can travel from 100 meters away from the shore. To board and disembark passengers or material, vessels can approach each other, maintaining a speed below approximately 5 km/h, preserving the safety of swimmers, preferably in a place free of people and at the ends of the sand strip.
Finally, it is worth highlighting that the Brazilian Navy encourages and considers society’s participation important, by calling 185 (number for maritime emergencies and requests for assistance), (24) 3365-1854/(24)
99991-0934 (directly with the Police Station for other matters, including complaints). The email address is also available: [email protected].

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