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Solo Leveling Episode 6: SPOILERS From The Manwha

Solo Leveling fans, rejoice! The highly anticipated Episode 6 is fast approaching, and with it comes the promise of more action, surprises, and potentially jaw-dropping moments. Set to premiere in Japan on Sunday at 12 AM JST on February 10, 2024, Solo Leveling Episode 6 will surely display Jin Woo’s growth so far.

Here’s everything you need to know about the episode to come and all the spoilers we have.

Solo Leveling [A-1 Pictures, Crunchyroll]

Expected Plot: SPOILERS

Solo Leveling Episode 5 coincided with the beginning of chapter 18 of the manhwa, giving us an idea of which chapters will be covered in Solo Leveling Episode 6. As the next Episode is set to feature fight scenes that go by quickly, it will likely cover chapters 18 to 23. Here are all the spoilers you’ll need.

Jin-Woo is set to confront the C-rank dungeon boss with his newly acquired Kasaka’s Venom Fang, showing off his skill as a hunter. Yoo Jinho is astounded by Jin-Woo’s ability and begins to think Jin-Woo is a False Ranker. Hunters who control their magical abilities to make themselves seem weaker during the Hunter evaluation are often psychopaths.

Solo Leveling [A-1 Pictures, Crunchyroll]

As Jin-Woo continues to fight and gain Fatigue Points, Yoo Jinho laments his situation. Jin-Woo then uses the dagger’s special abilities to fight off the giant spider dungeon boss after narrowly escaping its poison attack, eventually using Status Recovery to turn the battle around. After consecutive attacks, he kills the monster and levels up three times.

After collecting the essence stones, Hwang Dongsuk and his crew return, and upon seeing the dungeon boss dead, they misunderstand it to be Yoo Jinho’s doing. They then make him a peace offering on the condition that he kills Jin-Woo, which he blatantly refuses by drawing his sword on them.

Solo Leveling [A-1 Pictures, Crunchyroll]

Jin-Woo receives an Urgent Quest as Dongsuk and his gang advance, asking him to defeat the enemies, failure of which would result in death. Jin-Woo gets hit by an attack from Kyuhwan and decides to fight by letting the system use him and vice versa. He kills Joontae of Dongsuk’s crew and says, “One.”

The episode promises not only more thrilling moments but also significant character development. As Solo Leveling continues to captivate audiences, Episode 6 is expected to deliver an engaging narrative that builds on the already impressive storyline.

Solo Leveling [A-1 Pictures, Crunchyroll]

Previous Episode Recap

Episode 5 witnessed Sung Jin-Woo’s breathtaking transformation after all the daily missions and hard work. An introduction of the S-rank Hunter, Baek Yoonho, was also made. Joining Hwang Dongsuk’s raid party with D-class Hunter Yoo Jinho, Jin-Woo had an eerie feeling about his teammates as they raided the C-rank Dungeon.

Yoo Jinho brings up the contract to Dongsuk, who takes it suspiciously well. Later, Dongsuk and his crew are revealed to be ‘lizards’ as they trap Jin-Woo and Yoo Jinho in the dungeon, leaving us at a cliffhanger with the awakening of the Giant Spider boss. The episode showcased the series’ knack for intense moments and unexpected twists.

For more updates and spoilers on Solo Leveling, keep up with Pinkvilla.

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