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The Best Slaps of Power Slap Season 2, Including the Hardest Hit Ever

The Power Slap 6 recently concluded on February 9. The combat sport witnessed 12 mega fights between competitors. With players fighting hard for one coveted title, this marks the season finale.

Out of the 12 fights, two main events were held, in which Manny Muniz defeated Christapher Thomas by KO in Round 5. And Sheena Bathory won by disqualification against Jackie Cataline. This season saw a lot of drama with athletes going out at each other with the utmost rage to take home the win.

Since its inception, the Power Slap has seen various slaps happen, with some going down in history. Below are some of the best slaps from season 2 of The Power Slap.

Garrett Blakesslee Vs. Ronald Staton – Light Heavyweight

Blakesslee came into the arena with full rage and knocked out Ronald Staton with one slap. Dana White, who was seated watching the slap, was in shock and said, “God damn, that was fu**ing nasty.”

It was one of the most impressive slaps seen on Power Slap, and Dana White called Garrett a “gangster.”

Logan Greenhalgh Vs. Will Woods – Heavyweight

22-year-old Logan Greenhalgh wasted no time after appearing for the match. He threw a slap so hard that his opponent fell to sleep immediately after being knocked out.

The founder of Power Slap, Dana White, believes Logan is here to stay and has the chin and power to succeed in the sport.

Danie van Heerden Vs. Jonathan Boone – Super Heavyweight

Heerden, A.K.A. Danie Pitbull, slapped Jonathan Boone so hard that they had to stop the match. Later, they took his opponent to the doctor for a check-up. Heerden loves his competition and believes he is one of the best in the sport.

Ryan Wallace Vs. Sorin Cosma – Light Heavyweight

Ryan Wallace won the toss and took the first strike against Cosma. Wallace landed a powerful strike that made his opponent unsteady for a while. Sorin Cosma, however, known for his willpower, came back stronger and threw a powerful slap against Wallace that saw him fall right down.

Dana White couldn’t believe what he saw after this slap fight.

Brian Ellis Vs. Miles Jackson – Heavyweight

Brian Ellis took his opponent, Miles Jackson, down in no time and looked like an animal, all ready to conquer the world. The fight was completed in no time.

Delvin Hamlett Vs. Jonathan Correa – Heavyweight

Delvin Hamlett’s single slap made Jonathan Correa drop to sleep in seconds. Though the referees gave him the required recovery time, Correa could not stand up straight, letting Hamlett win with a powerful slap.

Branden Bordeaux Vs. Eddie Brahimir – Middleweight

One of the most epic showdowns of the fight was between Branden Bordeaux and Eddie Brahimir. Both were not ready to give up after landing vicious slaps at each other. However, it was Bordeaux who took home the win after a unanimous decision.

Dana White, on the other hand, was mighty impressed with Eddie Brahimir for his attitude of never giving up.

Merlis Muusikus Vs. Johnny Anderson – Middleweight

Merlis Muusikus walked onto the stage like he had no time to waste. He came in and slapped Anderson as hard as ever. Muusikus was ready to knock him out in the very first round, but his Johnny “Be Good” Anderson put up a fight. The amazing fight came to a close in the second round, with Merlis taking home the win.

Branden Bordeaux Vs. Joseph Landman – Middleweight

Branden Bordeaux considers him the best in the sport, and he slapped Joseph Landman hard. It was so hard that it could be proclaimed the hardest hit ever in power slap.

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Eddie Smith Vs. Sean Kilmartin – Welterweight 

Smith has an impressive blow, with Sean Kilmartin citing a clear win. His clean hit was an easy fail for Kilmartin, and the fight was intense. However, the coach and White were impressed with Slambo.

Merlis Muusikus Vs. Garrett Grimes – Middleweight 

Muusikus made a strong strike, but Grime’s withstood with strength. An energetic Grimes was jeering, “Not today, baby, let’s go.” Grimes made a perfect strike, upon which Muusikus stumbled but still stood. Muusikus’s second strike was equally strong, but Grimes emerged as the winner.

Dana White opined that both of them are tough while assessing the strikes.

Makini Manu Vs. Hayden Southall – Super Heavyweight 

Makini defeated Southall almost on the first blow, with Southall flinching and stumbling. It was later revealed that Hayden had immense tension about the match, which cost him the spot at Power Slap.

Eddie Brahimir Vs. Amir Nuriddeen – Middleweight 

Brahimir delivered a hard slap against the Nuriddeen with no retaliation. He is the only Canadian on the roster and is one of the prospective middleweight contenders. White even opined that Brahimir’s power is against a seasoned veteran and that he belongs in the organization.

Logan Greenhalgh Vs. Delvin Hamlett – Heavyweight 

Hamlett struck first with a strong blow, but Greenhalgh withstood it for his turn. But he missed on his chance, giving Hamlett leverage when he went to the second round.

Garrett Blakesslee Vs. Cody Belisle – Light Heavyweight 

Blakesslee put all the heat up his sleeve for the fight and didn’t disappoint. His hard blow was sustained for a while, and Cody Belisle was almost on his knees.

Danie Van Heerden Vs. Cody Vallo – Super Heavyweight

Another contender that was looked at with lots of expectation was Danie Van Heerden, who employed a lot of strength and put on a good show. He slapped Cody Vallo with fierce power after trash-talking him. Founder Dana White even shared that his personality, chin, and power are what the sport needs.

With the Power Slap 7 scheduled for April 12, 2024, fans will be eager to watch more intense fights and competitions between athletes. More harder hits could be seen in the upcoming seasons.

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