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The fraud of 2006 – El Financiero

At the beginning of his government, López Obrador had Manuel Espino (who in 2006 was president of the PAN) and Germán Martínez (who defended Calderón’s victory in those elections) working for him. He could well have formed an investigative commission, with Espino and Martínez among others, to elucidate whether or not there was fraud in the 2006 elections. He didn’t do it, why? Because there was no fraud.

Recent journalistic revelations have made it clear that the Coalition for the Good of All, led by López Obrador, received between two and four million dollars from the Sinaloa Cartel for its campaign, that the same Cartel covered the expenses of the sit-in in Reforma and that He was on the verge of kidnapping one of the judges of the electoral court so that he could give victory to López Obrador.

Eighteen years later (the truth takes time, but it comes) we find out that in the 2006 elections there was fraud and that it was committed then by the current president of Mexico. Through the statements of Dámaso López Serrano, the Mini Lic, we also learned that Chapo’s children partly financed López Obrador’s campaigns in 2012 and 2018. A year later, in 2019, the culiacanazo occurred. Retired Major General Sergio Aponte Polito published an article in El Universal (Jun 26, 2020) in which he reports that they released Chapo Guzmán’s son after, through the local media, they threatened to reveal the name of the children of a politician who received millions for his campaign. Two years later, in 2021, organized crime, more specifically the Sinaloa Cartel, intervened in the elections of the states bordering the Sea of ​​Cortez, kidnapping candidates and electoral operators, in favor of Morena.

According to Inegi, in 2022 the National Guard only brought 2,084 people to the Public Ministry, a drop of more than 60 percent compared to 2021. The National Guard registered 5,376 arrests in 2022: three times less than in 2021. In all The items decreased actions against drug trafficking, especially fentanyl (until in 2023 the United States began to pressure Mexico to stop trafficking after López Obrador had denied that this drug was processed in Mexico).

If you squawk like a narco-president, walk like a narco-president, and behave like a narco-president, then you are surely a narco-president!

Let’s go back to 2006. On the afternoon of July 2, 2006, when it was already clear that López Obrador had lost the election, he gave the order to deny the defeat, to go out and shout fraud by all means. That day López Obrador indicated that 3 million votes were lost (it was later learned that those votes corresponded to the special boxes and that members of his Coalition had repeatedly reviewed the virtual site where those votes were housed.) The order was clear: to deny defeat, to say they are victims of a monstrous fraud. His strategy was to annul the election so that it could be held again. Their flag: vote by vote, box by box (despite which they did not contest all the boxes but only a third of them.) They took over Paseo de la Reforma for several months (with drug money), harassed and attacked with sticks and insults to the magistrates of the Electoral Tribunal. They even thought about kidnapping a magistrate. That was not necessary because the Court agreed to recount 11 percent of the votes, corresponding to the districts that the López Obrador Coalition judged to have been the greatest “fraud.” But surprise: after the recount, Calderón’s votes increased and López Obrador’s decreased. The Coalition was left without legal arguments but they knew how to exploit very well the emotional factor, which has brought such good returns to López Obrador: they showed themselves as victims.

If they couldn’t reverse the defeat legally, they could at least win the elections in the hearts of the gullible. So they did it. Millions of people believe, without any basis beyond the word of their leader, that López Obrador won the 2006 elections, just as millions of people believe that Trump won the 2020 elections. A group of fanatics, encouraged by Trump, took the Congress in Washington alleging fraud. Many of the leaders of that revolt are in prison today. In Mexico, in 2006, a group of fanatics, encouraged by López Obrador, hijacked the main artery of Mexico City, alleging fraud. Many of the ringleaders of this highway kidnapping are in power today.

The alleged fraud of 2006 is a core part of the moral superiority with which Morena came to power. Justice would finally be done for the victims. But that story turned out to be false. The supposed moral superiority turned out to be a vulgar compromise with organized crime groups. The “victims” of 2006 were actually those who tried to steal that election. There are indications that they will now operate in favor of the official candidate, with legal and illegal methods. There is no deception about warning.

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